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8 Insightful TMT and Entertainment Case Studies to Read in 2023

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To stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape, every business needs access to the right transformational technology. Unified Communications software and hardware enable business leaders to empower their team members with better productivity, improved collaboration, and greater efficiency on a global scale.

In the Entertainment, Telecommunications, Media, and Technology industries, the switch to a UC environment can support brands in achieving new levels of transformation. While companies in these sectors can find a wide range of potential vendors to help them migrate into the next era of communications, some vendors have already proven themselves in the space.

Here’s your guide to some of the top TMT and entertainment case studies you should be reading in 2022 and beyond.

Microsoft Teams and LG Uplus

LG Uplus, a South Korean cellular carrier, wanted to improve communication and collaboration between its employees. The company found Microsoft Teams to be the ideal solution for this purpose.

Teams is a cloud-based collaboration platform that allows employees to communicate with each other, share files, and work on projects together. It also integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Outlook and Sharepoint.

LG Uplus was able to customize Teams to meet its specific needs. For example, it was able to connect Teams to its internal systems, such as its calendaring solution and its hardware.

The implementation of Teams has been a success for LG Uplus. The company has seen improvements in productivity and collaboration, and it has created a more inclusive and engaging virtual work environment.

LG Uplus is now looking to implement more of the productivity tools and services included in Microsoft 365.

Workplace and Mercado Libre

Meta Workplace helped Mercado Libre improve communication and collaboration across its distributed workforce. It did this by providing a central place for employees to share information and updates, as well as by providing instant chat functionality, groups, and automatic translation. These features helped Mercado Libre to reduce email overload, improve employee engagement, and increase productivity.

Meta Workplace also helped Mercado Libre to bridge the gaps between teams speaking different languages. This was a critical feature for Mercado Libre, as it is a Latin American e-commerce company with teams located throughout the region. The auto-translation feature made it easy for employees to share updates and information with colleagues who spoke different languages.

Overall, Meta Workplace has been a valuable tool for Mercado Libre. It has helped the company to improve communication and collaboration, which has led to improved productivity and employee engagement.

Avaya and Koch Media

A company responsible for developing and distributing award-winning entertainment and digital gaming content across multiple countries and continents, Koch Media, was in significant need of a robust communication solution. The complexity, resolution, and detail of the video content produced by the brand meant teams regularly needed to fly between offices to work together. 

Unfortunately, according to Koch Media, traditional video conferencing solutions weren’t enough to allow meaningful collaboration. However, by working with Avaya and accessing the latest in 1080p real-time international video conferencing, Koch Media enhanced and improved its video conferencing strategy.

Avaya and Koch Media worked together to unlock new methods of bringing high-definition video units and codecs to team members for a phenomenal level of teamwork. 

Cisco and AEG

A leader in live music and sporting events, AEG (the Anschutz Entertainment Group) is one of the most significant market leaders in the entertainment landscape today. The company operates a network of more than 100 stadiums, arenas, and clubs on four continents, ensuring a good level of communication between these landscapes is critical. 

According to Cisco, AEG needed a way to deliver a superior experience to fans and gain insights into fan preferences at the same time. With the help of Cisco Connected sports and entertainment solutions, AEG created new and rich experiences for its audience. At the same time, Cisco Vision upgraded the digital signage in the entertainment landscape, while Cisco Wireless solutions updated mobile connectivity. 

With access to a comprehensive range of tools from Cisco, AEG was able to improve not just the communication and productivity between team members but the way the company served customers too. 

Logitech and EA

Electronic Arts (EA) is one of the better-known world leaders in digital interactive entertainment, responsible for developing and publishing a vast selection of content, games, and online services for mobile devices, consoles, and PCs. According to Logitech, EA needed strong communication standards in place to allow for better collaboration between their teams. This lead to the use of open office environments for communication in the past. 

Employees in the EA Benelux department were spread over two office spaces, each with an open office environment. In these environments, team members often struggled with issues regarding an inability to focus on specific pieces of work. To resolve this issue, EA chose the Logitech Zone wireless headset to allow for better focus through active noise cancellation. 

Even in a post-pandemic world, these tools allow for comfortable access to the apps teams use every day, like Teams and Zoom, without worrying about distractions from various surrounding family members or pets. 

Vonage and Indigo Dingo

A company in the digital communications space, Indigo Dingo has been producing films and branded content for organisations since 2008. Unfortunately, the company reached a point where though the teams’ creative juices were flowing, their communications were complex and stunted. The agency relied on an expensive package for managing calls, which included line rental for two BT lines and various other services.

With help from Vonage, Indigo Dingo was able to replace BT copper lines with Vonage numbers running through a single fibre line, with no line rental costs. The result of the partnership with Vonage was access to significantly lower call rates and various other essential services like caller display, visual voice mail, and caller display included for free. 

The flexibility of the ecosystem also allows Indigo Dingo to continue adding new features whenever they choose. 

Microsoft and GroupM

The GroupM company is responsible for around $48 billion in annual media investment, making it an essential part of the TMT environment. Unfortunately, the organisation also regularly struggles with keeping its 39,000 employees connected. To help reduce the costs associated with connecting team members across 400 offices in 100 countries, GroupM decided to leverage the power of Microsoft Teams for UCaaS functionality. 

With access to UC calling through Microsoft Teams, GroupM was able to leverage not only significant improvements in call quality but better user experiences too. The company could offer its employees access to simple one-click links to VoIP audio, allowing quicker and more convenient conversations between staff members. 

Though GroupM started slowly utilising the Microsoft Teams marketplace, investments in the technology began to grow as the brand discovered new opportunities. 

RingCentral and Marlowe Theatre

Marlowe Theatre in the UK is a significant part of the Entertainment and Live Arts industry. The regional theatre of Kent attracts some of the biggest productions from around the company, helping to inspire and delight viewers from all over the UK. 

Unfortunately, Marlowe Theatre quickly discovered just how outdated its phone system was in recent years after being forced to use the council’s IT and telephony solutions due to compliance purposes. Eventually, the theatre decided it was time to transition to a more intelligent solution for communications and collaboration.

Thanks to RingCentral, Marlowe Theatre was able to implement a comprehensive UCaaS and CCaaS solution, for stronger end-to-end communications. 



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