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9 best cabin bags, tried and tested

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Built-in TSA lock

If you regularly fly to the USA, look for a padlock featuring the red Transport Security Administration (TSA) logo. The TSA has a master key for these locks, meaning security staff can open your bag without damaging it.

Every cabin bag listed here features a TSA-approved lock, so you can rest assured that your luggage will stay in one piece!


Cases with handles on the top and sides are easier to manoeuvre and lift. Most top handles are telescopic, extending into two or three different positions to suit your height, and retracting into the case for easier storage.


All our listed cabin bags are four-wheelers, also known as spinner suitcases. In practical terms, this means you can wheel it alongside you instead of tilting it to tow.

Two-wheeled suitcases tend to have slightly larger wheels. They can be easier to pull up and over kerbs, but we generally find spinners better balanced and more versatile.


Most cabin bags feature internal pockets to help keep your packing neat and organised. These often include small integrated pockets, removable laundry bags and larger pouches that can fit a laptop.

External pockets for stowing easily accessible items are usually only found in soft-sided suitcases.


Though more commonly a feature of full-size suitcases, some cabin bags have expandable panels that unzip for additional packing space.

The Away Carry On Flex and the Delsey Segur 2.0 provide generous extra capacity, making it ideal if you struggle to resist those last-minute gifts and souvenirs. Just remember to check that its extended size doesn’t exceed your airline’s limit.

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