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Allison Kuch goes viral thanks to bizarrely oversized Gucci shopping bag – Dexerto



TikToker Allison Kuch has gone viral yet again thanks to the bizarrely oversized shopping bag she received after buying a purse from Gucci.

With over three-million followers, TikToker and wife to NFL player Isaac Rochell, Allison Kuch has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years by sharing various aspects of her life.

Kuch uploaded a video on June 10, 2024, revealing that she was going into Gucci to buy a designer bag for herself as a “gift from her daughter.”

The clip shows Allison going into the store, and then cuts to her standing outside with a Gucci shopping bag half the size of herself.

“No because why is this so embarassing,” she said before showing off the packaging.

Allison uploaded a follow up clip to show off the bag even more, leaving fans shocked at its sheer size.

“I am so embarassed,” she said. “Can you tell where I went shopping? What’s in here, a purse or my 265lb 6’5″ defensive lineman husband? Why is it so embarassing? I have social anxiety.”

Allison described the bag she purchased in a comment as well: “THE PURSE I GOT ISNT EVEN THAT BIG, it’s like a medium tote.”

Fans flooded the comments with their thoughts, with many just as shocked about the bag as she is.

“The Gucci version of the CVS receipt,” one user replied.

Another commented: “Is Gucci trying to get you robbed with a bag that big? I feel like it screams, ‘I am a target.’”

“I swear Gucci is asking for y’all to get robbed in a parking lot with that thing,” a third said.

Others, however, took issue with Allison being “embarassed” over the size of the bag.

One viewer commented: “I wish I was embarrassed of a Gucci bag.” While another said: “Literally I’m so embarrassed I’m rich.”

Allison’s video is just the latest clip to go viral on TikTok. Just recently, a waitress was fired after filming a viral video showing a customer having a meal with a blow up doll.

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