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Apple Finally Brings the Whoop’s Best Feature to the Apple Watch



In a nutshell, Training Load will track the intensity of your workouts over time using metrics such as heart race, pace and elevation, then deliver a score from 1 to 10. Users will be able to manually adjust their score if they felt like their perceived effort was over or under what their score says.

The Apple Watch will also establish a 28-day training load, as well as a weighted average. This way, users can see how recent workouts compare to their baselines and whether they’re progressing, maintaining or deloading when it comes to volume and intensity.

Rest days

Recovery is key element of any training program, but in motivating its wearers to get up and move, the Apple Watch has done a poor job at encouraging it.

You can finally pause Activity rings when you need a day off.

With watchOS 11, users will have more customization when it comes to the Activity rings, namely with the ability to pause their rings when they’re nursing an injury or just need a day (or even a week) off.

Users will also have the ability to customize their rings by the day of the week, “so the rings provide the right amount of motivation at the right moments,” the company says.

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