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ChatGPT starts adding Google Drive integration, but not for everyone



ChatGPT has started to add support for Google Drive integration, but it’s not available to all users.

It was rumored earlier this month that ChatGPT would add support for Google Drive integration. Now, the feature has already started to roll out.

Kristi Hanes shared on Twitter/X that ChatGPT had started showing a prompt to “Connect Apps.” This leads to a second page where Google Drive and OneDrive can be connected. Apparently, this only appears for Enterprise users, rather than all users.

Other early looks at the feature showed that users will be able to “Add from Google Drive” on the attachment menu when running a prompt which then leads to a file picker from Drive.

It’s unclear what OpenAI has planned for this going forward, especially seeing as the company hasn’t formally announced this functionality,

At its I/O event this week, Google doubled down on Workspace integration as a key aspect of Gemini. While ChatGPT integration with Drive will likely bolster OpenAI’s product quite a bit, Google’s integration still goes much deeper with a side panel UI that allows Gemini AI to be used right alongside documents in Drive as well as in other products such as Gmail.

The new Gemini side panel in Google Drive

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