Tuesday, February 27, 2024

‘Dartford Disneyland’ calls in administrators after Kent theme park plan collapses

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A spokesman for The London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) said: “LRCH have taken the logical and sensible step of launching the CVA proposal. We’ve spoken to many of our creditors who are very happy to support the initiative which would see their debts converted into shares.

“Many millions have been invested into the Swanscombe Peninsula over the last decade and there remains a fantastic opportunity to bring forward exciting proposals.”

Initial plans for the site included rides inspired by Paramount films as well as BBC programmes Doctor Who and Top Gear, and ITV’s Thunderbirds. Developers planned to install some of the fastest rides in Europe, an indoor water park, theatres and a sports arena.

However, the agreement with Paramount broke down in 2017 and both the BBC and ITV withdrew last year following local opposition to the project.

Plans for a “Dartford Disneyland” were designated a nationally significant infrastructure project (NSIP) in 2014, a status normally reserved for power plants, bridges and major road schemes.

This status gives developers permission to bypass local planning regulations and seek consent directly from the Secretary of State. But to win approval, theme park bosses must first prove the bid’s feasibility to the government’s independent planning arm, The Planning Inspectorate.

Local officials are supportive of the London Resort, which they say will bring employment to “an area that desperately needs jobs”.

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