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Falmouth ranked in top 3 most luxurious travel destinations in UK

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The Cornish town came third in the list, just behind Stratford-upon-Avon in second and Jersey in first.

Research was conducted by the company Slingo who analysed a variety of luxury vacation hotspots.

They gave each destination a luxury score based on five-star hotels, designer boutiques, spas and the very best dining available in the area.

Falmouth Packet: Falmouth was one of the top 3 luxurious holiday destinations in the UKFalmouth was one of the top 3 luxurious holiday destinations in the UK (Image: Slingo)

What was said about Falmouth?

Speaking about Falmouth, Slingo said: “Falmouth is a classic choice for a beach vacation in the UK, home to the world’s third-largest natural harbour and breathtaking views.

“Falmouth ranks in joint third place for a UK luxury holiday, with 7% of hotels offering an indoor pool.

“We also found that 2% of hotels offer massage facilities, including Merchants Manor Spa and​​ Hotel Meudon.”

The full list can be seen on the Slingo list here, with the top 10 being:

1. Jersey – 8.68/10

2. Stratford-upon-Avon – 7.11

3. Falmouth – 7.04

4. Newcastle – 7.04

5. Bath – 6.79

6. Dublin – 6.61

7. Darlington – 6.21

8. Devon – 6.18

9. Hampshire – 6.11

10. Cambridge – 6.07

In addition, the research also found that Bath was the destination with the most spas, at 9.5 spas per 10km squared.

Also, Jersey has more 5-star hotels than any other location in the list, with 11% offering that level of luxury.

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