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Fashion Mavericks: From Carrie’s Flirty Ruffles to Blair’s Iconic Headbands, Here Are 9 Pop-Culture Shows and Movies That Redefined Fashion Trends – Elle India



Fashion Mavericks: From Carrie’s Flirty Ruffles to Blair’s Iconic Headbands, Here Are 9 Pop-Culture Shows and Movies That Redefined Fashion Trends – Elle India

Fashion and pop culture have always been BFFs, influencing each other in delightful ways. I remember my mom telling me how, after Hum Aapke Hain Koun’s release, Madhuri Dixit’s costumes became all the rage. Every girl was rushing to buy that iconic purple saree or red suit. And who could forget Poo (from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham…), the queen of backless crop tops?

It’s fascinating how certain pop culture moments can spark major fashion trends. Let’s dive into nine pop-culture shows that set the fashion world on fire.

Gossip Girl

You’ve probably caught an episode of Gossip Girl. If not, have you have probably been living under a rock? Back in the 2000s, Gossip Girl wasn’t just a show—it was a cultural sensation that redefined fashion. While Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) might loathe the “stupid headband,” we can’t get enough of it. Blair Waldorf, brought to life by Leighton Meester, turned headbands into an iconic fashion statement. Whether you don a party dress or a power suit, Blair proved that a headband is the perfect finishing touch.


We’ve all officially reached the peak of our Bridgerton obsessions. But let’s be honest, the Bridgerton family isn’t just celebrated for housing the town’s most eligible bachelors. Their impeccable taste in fashion has us all swooning. From figure-hugging corsets and dreamy pastel hues to delicate floral prints, Bridgerton has set the bar high for style and elegance.


The early 2000s were awash in pink, thanks to iconic films like Legally Blonde and Mean Girls that made it the colour of the era. But as the buzz faded, pink took a backseat—until Barbie strutted back onto the scene. The film became a global phenomenon, making pink cool all over again. From hot pink to blush pink to baby pink, Barbie showcased a look for everyone. And the ultimate proof of its trendsetting power? Fans dressed in pink to watch the movie, embracing its fashion influence wholeheartedly.


We’re all well-versed in the fashion world of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, from Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) iconic bob to Monica Geller’s (Courteney Cox) unforgettable outfits. But the show also unknowingly popularised something we didn’t realise we needed: chic office wear. Green truly proved she was a Ralph Lauren girl. Transforming from office siren to boss lady, she made office wear cool. Her wardrobe shattered the myth that professional attire must be simple, bland, and styleless. And honestly, we’re here for it!


Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying Euphoria has shaken up the fashion and beauty world. The show has become a goldmine of contemporary beauty and style trends. From Maddy Perez’s (Alexa Demie) fierce cut-out dresses to her dramatic hair and makeup, who’s in charge is clear. And let’s not forget Cassie Howard’s (Sydney Sweeney) talent for turning blue, white, and pink palettes into stunning works of art. But the true Euphoria trend wasn’t just about the clothes—it was all about the makeup. Cool-toned palettes and bold glitter looks that don’t stop at the eyes have taken the world by storm. If you’re not bedazzled yet, you must have missed the memo!


Clueless from 1995 stands out like a beacon of fashion brilliance in a world where contemporary styling often flies under the radar. Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, is a pop-culture icon who revolutionised fashion in unforgettable ways. She turned plaid skirts and chequered designs into must-have items, showing us they could be stylish, chic, and oh-so-classy.

Sex and The City

No doubt about it—Sex and the City will forever be etched in pop-culture history as one of the most fashionable shows ever. The style moments are endless, from Samantha Jones’ (Kim Cattrall) power suits to Miranda Hobbes’ (Cynthia Nixon) edgy crop haircut. But let’s be real: the one character we can’t stop obsessing over is Carrie Bradshaw, played by the fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker. Bradshaw served everything from flirty ruffles and fluffy ballet-core dresses to timeless fur coats and vibrant prints. She didn’t just walk the fashion runway; she owned it.

Stranger Things


While Stranger Things is celebrated for its gripping plot and incredible set design, it also sparked a major ‘80s fashion revival. From bold colours and mullets to classic ‘80s makeup, the show had us Gen-Z folks eager to dive headfirst into the retro vibe. Who knew we’d be raiding our parents’ closets for style inspo?!

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