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Hard Knocks shows how Giants got comfortable with Malik Nabers



Hard Knocks shows how Giants got comfortable with Malik Nabers

The current edition of Hard Knocks follows the Giants through their offseason and shows some of the machinations that went on behind the scenes before they made moves over the last few months.

One of the biggest moves the team made was the decision to select wide receiver Malik Nabers with the sixth overall pick. There were no questions about Nabers’s talent or his production at LSU, but scout Chris Hamel noted in the second episode that Nabers plays with “a big-time chip on his shoulder” and that “you’ll hear about it” if the wideout doesn’t think he’s getting the ball often enough. He finished his report by saying that the Giants “need to get around this kid and see if we can work with him, because there is a lot to the personality.”

Nabers’s combine interview with General Manager Joe Schoen and head coach Brian Daboll saw him answer honestly about how much he dislikes both losing and not getting the ball thrown his way. Daboll said that there are times when he loses it as well, but “you’ve gotta learn how to harness that” to succeed in the NFL.

The episode then shows Schoen discussing Nabers with assistant G.M. Brandon Brown, who says he has less concern about Nabers than about the quarterback being able to build a relationship with a player with the wideout’s makeup.

“This is the thing,” Brown said. “Name me a dominant player at that position or the corner position or pass rusher that was a choir boy. He gives us something we don’t have. My biggest thing ain’t him. Whoever the Q is, will they be able to handle it?”

Schoen replied by saying Daniel Jones had positive things to say about Nabers and how well they mesh in the coming months will be a factor in how long Jones remains the quarterback charged with getting the ball to Nabers and the rest of the Giants.

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