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Hostile opposition skipping inauguration signals legislative challenge for government | India News – Times of India



NEW DELHI: The absence of opposition members apart from Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge at Sunday’s swearing-in and the INDIA bloc‘s reluctance to acknowledge defeat in the election are seen as pointers to frosty relations between the opposition and the governing alliance in the coming months, which could translate into friction in Parliament.
Political watchers believe NDA may not have a honeymoon period that usually comes after elections and the Modi government may have to depend more on executive actions to push ahead with its reform agenda instead of legislative action.
In the past, the opposition has accused government of pushing through several legislations in Parliament without adequate discussion with analysts expecting that with fewer MPs on the treasury benches, some legislative actions may have to be either put on the backburner or pushed only after consensus, which may not be easy.
In fact, it also raises the prospect of some key moves, such as labour reforms through the new codes, being held up as new rules have not been notified with some states not responding to the draft rules.
Government sources said despite NDA having a clear majority and BJP being the largest party by a long margin, Congress and its partners have not conceded defeat and are instead going to town portraying themselves as victors.
On the eve of the swearing-in, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee had said, “This government is being formed undemocratically and unconstitutionally. We cannot give our best wishes to this government. We give our best wishes to the country and people.”
Government sources confirmed that all opposition parties were invited and phone calls were made to ensure their presence. However, their absence was another example of their dislike for Modi, sources said. Soon after his election as leader of the NDA parliamentary party, Modi has sought consensus and respect for all parties.
The mood in the governing camp is, however, upbeat with government watchers arguing that the Modi administration will not be hobbled or shy away from taking steps to improve the overall functioning. The filed is wide open, they said.

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