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I’m a fashion pro, my 20p hack to get rid of jumper bobbles

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IT’S a common problem for fashion lovers – but is there a way to stop your favourite jumper going bobbly? 

Over the years, many people have tried various different ways of removing the pesky bobbles and getting their garment looking as good as new. 


Fashion fans will know all about the frustrating problem of bobbly jumpersCredit: TikTok/@wow_melon_
But one said that a kitchen sponge does the trick


But one said that a kitchen sponge does the trickCredit: TikTok/@wow_melon_

But now one style savvy social media user has shared their handy hack that’s a total game-changer – and all you need is a kitchen sponge that costs just 20p.

TikTok’s Wow Melon, whose profile is @wow_melon_, told their followers that their secret trick was the thing “sweatshirt stores don’t want you to know.”

That’s because it means you’ll be able to get yours back to its original state and won’t need to keep buying them, or investing in expensive debobblers. 

So how is it done? 

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Wow Melon posted a video for their 33.4k following in which they showed one of their favourite tops.

They ran their finger over the grey material to show that it was covered in small white bobbles. 

They then reached for their kitchen sponge and spun it around for the camera, as they revealed there’s a particularly knack to it.

The TikToker continued: “Use the green side of a dishwashing sponge.”

Then it was time to show the actual method, as they began to use the textured part of the sponge and wipe the problem areas firmly. 

Showing how the bobbles were removed after just a few times of repeating the same movement, Wow Melon kept going until they’d covered the whole top. 

“Clean as new,” they said after showing off the final results. 

And their followers couldn’t get enough of the trick and said the sponge was a miracle worker.

One wrote: “Thanks for sharing – amazing.” 

“Am definitely going to try this,” another one said, as countless others agreed with them.

One more confessed that they couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it sooner, as they commented: “What!”

While another person joined in the conversation, as they typed: “I like!”

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Meanwhile, others said that they’d already caught onto the trend and were so happy they’d discovered the hack in the first place.

One said: “I always do this – thought it was me alone who did.” 

Simple brush across the material


Simple brush across the materialCredit: TikTok/@wow_melon_
After repeating the process a few times, it'll look as good as new


After repeating the process a few times, it’ll look as good as newCredit: TikTok/@wow_melon_

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