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Legit Sites Like Chumba Casino (List of Top Social Casinos USA)



In this comprehensive article, we’re going to look closely at sites like Chumba Casino that stand out for superior money management, customer service, game diversity, bonuses, and overall fun. Let’s get into our list of the top Chumba Casino sister sites you need to try right now!

Legit Sites Like Chumba USA in 2024

Choosing the best-fit casino like Chumba Casino for your personal gaming strategy will be entirely up to you. We’ve just made the challenge a little easier by digging through the massive volume of options, so you have a streamlined list to rely upon. If you can think of any other sites like Chumba Casino you think we may have missed, feel free to leave a comment below.

Wow Vegas – Best Overall Sweepstakes Casino Like Chumba

Let’s kick off our list of sites like Chumba Casino with an incredibly well-known gambling platform inside the USA. Wow Vegas Casino has many of the same features and functions of Chumba, but with a slight twist backed by celebrity endorsements like those from Paris Hilton.

While you may not agree with her B-level celebrity status, you cannot deny that any gambling sites like Chumba that have such a strong partnership are likely to be trustworthy and successful. The landing page will direct you right toward the welcome bonus and over 700 unique games to enjoy.


  • These are incredibly lucrative promotions for a social-based online platform.
  • Exceptional welcome bonuses using progressive purchase promotions at different levels.
  • Access to over 700 unique game titles with unique themes.
  • Frequent social media contests to back up the community building of the casino.

What makes Wow Vegas unique among other social casinos like Chumba is the strong RNG (random number generator) values. Everything is extremely transparent, even with a high level of encryption to ensure you are safe and protected as you gamble.

Run by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, you will be awarded over 1.5 million “Wow” coins and 34.5 Sweepstakes coins when you register for an account. That doesn’t require you to make a deposit of any kind. You simply get those coins the moment your account is verified.

During your time on Wow Vegas, you’ll be treated to Hold N’play games, megaways, fishing games, and similar slot titles. The jackpot games change frequently, so a good strategy is to get as many Wow coins as you can so whenever a high-value jackpot comes along, you’ll be well prepared.


As for bonuses, we’ve already mentioned the 1.5 million Wow coins and 34.5 sweepstakes coins. These are what you need to play the games and then redeem for cash prizes. The Wow coins are playable for all events, features, jackpots, and games on this platform, although you may need a code for the welcome bonus.

Other bonuses and promotions we think are worth your time include:

  • 5,000 WOW Coins and 1 Sweepstake Coin when you log back in on day one.
  • 2,500 WOW Coins and 1.5 Sweepstake Coins when you log back in on day two.
  • 1,000 WOW Coins and 2 Sweepstake Coins when you log back in on day three.
  • Refer a friend for 5,000 WOW Coins and 30 Sweepstake Coins.
  • Daily email competitions for up to 100 players winning 3 Sweepstake Coins.
  • Daily coin boosts, lunchtime promotions, and wake-up wins.

You can always secure more Wow coins by making a purchase using your credit cards. This will give you a certain additional amount of digital coins based on the level of package you choose. Overall, we consider Wow Vegas Casino to be safe, secure, fun, and rewarding. It is a solid answer to what other sites are like Chumba Casino.

Funrize – Leading Social Casino Like Chumba

Chumba Casino

Moving onto the next option on our list of sweepstakes casinos like Chumba Casino, we have Funrize Casino. Unlike many of the other sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino, this platform isn’t going to stuff marketing down your digital throat.

You get to explore a darker theme similar to a private Las Vegas poker room, complete with structures and images that will immerse you in a luxurious playing area. This is just another way to make you feel comfortable as you explore Chumba Casino similar sites.


  • Everything is streamlined for mobile-friendly devices.
  • Plenty of unique games like fishing, slots, and keno for those who want diversity.
  • Tournament and specialty coins for no-deposit play.

Before you get too deep into all Funrize Casino offers compared to other Chumba sister casinos, you’ll want to look at the bonuses and promotions. The platform does an excellent job of attracting new players and keeping current players well engaged.

The user interface and gambling environment are built for mobile devices. You shouldn’t have any issues switching between your tablet, phone, or PC when browsing through all Funrize Casino has to offer.

In the event you do have an issue, Funrize Casino, like so many other sites like Chumba Casino, has a strong customer support team. They can help you manage any such issue quickly so you can get back to playing and bringing home winnings.


As with most other sister sites to Chumba Casino, you don’t necessarily need to enter a code to take advantage of the welcome bonus promotion. The current amount you’ll receive just for signing up for a Funrize Casino account offers up to 75,000 Tournament Coins. These are the digital coins you need to play any of the games.

You’ll also be given the chance to spin the daily Funrize Wheel. Here, you can get up to 250,000 Tournament coins and 500 promotional coins (the type of digital coin you need to redeem for cash prizes).

Other bonuses on the platform include:

  • Leaderboard races to split massive tournament coin packages.
  • Additional purchase options if you want to gain more coins with currency.
  • Referral QR codes and shareable links for up to 900,000 TCs and 2,500 PCs.

Anytime you want to purchase additional Tournament coins, you can choose any of the bulk options. We like the $19.99 plan that gives you up to 400,000 Tournament coins and 1,000 Promotional coins. If you can, sign up for the Funrize Club rewards program. That’ll be your best chance at promotions and high winnings like other sister sites to Chumba Casino.

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StakeUS – Top Rated Site Like Chumba Casino

Chumba Casino

The final option on our list of more games like Chumba Casino is Stake US. If there was another sites like Chumba Casino with such a strong reputation, it is probably Stake US. The social casino platform loves to improve and build the community through real-time interactions on chat boards.

It is pretty amazing that Stake US has grown so much, considering it was only launched in 2022. With well over 600 unique gaming titles, customer support, and various money management options, this is a solid place to get into sites like Chumba Casino.


  • Variety of live games, slots, table games, and highly immersive scratch cards.
  • Hundreds of Pragmatic Play games are available with daily races and cash prizes.
  • No-deposit bonus is available for the correct bonus code when you sign up.
  • Cryptocurrency-friendly with a decent welcome bonus.
  • One of the fastest payout casinos in the USA.

Casinos like Chumba Casino love to offer some unique features you won’t find on other online casinos like Chumba. That may seem like a logical loop, but it isn’t. Each of these offerings on our list of top Chumba Casino sister sites has one quality that stands out from the others.

In the case of Stake US, you get a lot of game diversity. Most are from Pragmatic Play, but there are also progressive jackpot slots, live dealers, scratch cards, and so much more. Stake US does a solid job of trying to merge the diversity of traditional online casinos with the fun elements of social-based platforms.

If you do have a question, this casino like Chumba has a wonderful customer support team that was able to answer anything we needed. The real-time live chat also provides a ton of information, perks, insights, and tips to help you make the most of your Stake US account.


Simply signing up for Stake US grants you a fantastic welcome bonus. You will need a promotional code you can get from most blogs, online resources, or simply by asking the customer support team upfront. That will give you around 250,000 Gold coins needed for gameplay and another $25 in Stake coins for redeeming.

Other bonuses at Stake US include a race event where you can get up to 50,000,000 in coins using the leaderboard program. You can also purchase any promotional package to get additional digital coins, although this is going to be using crypto more than fiat currency.

The Feature Spins section is where you’ll make the most money. One spin could be all it takes to receive thousands of additional Stake coins used for real money prizes. Overall, we give Stake US a strong rating among other Chumba Casino alternatives. It has a solid combination of the features we look for the most and the trustworthy reputation needed for playing peace of mind.

TaoFortune – Best Site Like Chumba for Bonuses

Chumba Casino

TaoFortune Casino is one of the most unique on our list of games like Chumba Casino. Here, the goal isn’t to overly attract new players using bright and shiny marketing, but to lean into a heavily Asian-themed environment only a niche target audience of players enjoy.

Everything from the bonuses to the different games are part of this immersive theme. You can also celebrate unique opportunities around specific Chinese, Japanese, and other cultural holidays that you would never see inside the USA. However, you’ll need to redeem prizes in crypto for the quickest turnaround time.


  • Plenty of daily rewards and varying quests to enjoy.
  • Over 21 unique jackpot games with high potential winnings.
  • Easily accessible in 47 of the 50 United States
  • No purchase is necessary to begin playing using the sweepstakes coin tactics.
  • (It’s not a non-verification casino, but it’s very easy to complete your KYC process.

Casinos like Chumba and Luckyland are almost always mobile responsive. TaoFortune Casino, in particular, has a strong HTML5 website model, allowing you to play any game or enjoy any benefit on the size screen of your choosing.

Again, all it takes to enjoy casino games like Chumba Casino on TaoFortune Casino is to sign up and register. You won’t need to make any kind of deposit in order to begin playing games and leveraging your personalized winning strategies.

The turnaround time for payouts is fairly quick, and the customer support speaks flawless English, so you’ll never have to wait too long for either your cash rewards or any answer to the questions you may have.


Slots like Chumba Casino are always going to push a welcome bonus. At TaoFortune Casino, that means getting access to 88,000 Tao Coins right after your account is verified. You’ll never spend a dime to get started.

The Tao Coins are what you need to play any of the games, and then you’ll win Secret Coins. These are what you’ll need to redeem for various cash and other prizes throughout your gameplay.

Other bonuses available at TaoFortune Casino include:

  • Get 88,800 Tao Coins right now during a seasonal promotion.
  • Join the VIP program for personalized bonuses and promotions.
  • Use the Magic Box for the chance to sign up to 225,000 Tao Coins and 500 Secret Coins.
  • Engage in any of the quests.
  • Refer a friend for up to 900,000 Tao Coins and 2,500 Secret Coins.

Whenever you want to purchase additional digital coins to enjoy all the slots like Chumba you can, we suggest the $19.99 package. That will give you up to 400,000 Tao Coins and an additional 500 Secret Coins. Finally, always sign up for the TaoFortune VIP program to ensure you are on the cutting edge of the latest news, updates, and promotions.

NoLimitCoins – New Casino Like Chumba

Chumba Casino

The more you look at different websites like Chumba Casino, the likelier you will land on NoLimitCoins. This is one of the most well-known platforms in the world of social/sweepstakes-based casinos.

Even though NoLimitCoins was only launched in 2021, it features a 96.5% RTP for most games, making it one of the most valuable gambling platforms in the world. Apps like Chumba Casino offering those kinds of odds are few and far between.


  • You can play all the tournaments you want with varying leaderboards.
  • The 24/7 live chat was professional and easy to use for any of our questions.
  • You get a strong welcome bonus package that doesn’t require upfront funds or deposits.
  • The entire platform is easy to navigate with clean menus and features.

Another reason sites like Chumba Casino are so successful is the layout. At NoLimitCoins, you have a very intuitive website design that flows well from the moment you land on the menu. You’ll never struggle to find the games or bonuses you’ve heard so much about from review articles like this one.

The only thing we would like to see a little bit improved is the game diversity. Most of the games you’ll find on NoLimitCoins are from a single developer. Other games like Chumba Casino may not be readily available.

This is both a good and bad thing because it means you get exclusive access to online casino games like Chumba, which other platforms would never see. It also means if you have a specific development house you love, you may have to look elsewhere.


Online casino games like Chumba Casino are so much better when you get a bit of free money from a welcome bonus. At NoLimitCoins, you will receive up to 100,000 free gold coins right after you complete your registration. These are the digital coins you need to play any of the NoLimitCoins games.

However, Super Coins are what you want the most. Even a tiny purchase will return 33% more coins than what you’d get in the welcome package, offering around 1,050,000 Gold coins and a little under 4,000 Super coins.

Chumba Casino offers a wealth of other bonuses like:

  • Email prize draw worth around 25,000 Gold coins if selected.
  • Fortune Champ Tournament where you compete in a social setting through a leaderboard.
  • Lucky Wheel spins resulting in additional coin packages.
  • Strong refer-a-friend bonus providing up to 9,000 Gold coins and 2,500 Super coins.

All you need to get started at NoLimitCoins is a name, address, and email, and you must be over the age of 18. You can play online casino games like Chumba at NoLimitCoins across almost all U.S. states, but if you’re worried about anonymity, you can always use a VPN (virtual private network) to better protect yourself.

One of the best aspects of any online gambling activity is that all casinos are different. Trends, new ideas, and partnerships bring about all kinds of positive change in the industry to ensure players from all areas of the globe and walks of life are able to enjoy one of the most beloved past times known to us—placing a few wagers.

As another nod toward this forward-advancing innovation, the world of social or sweepstakes-based platforms has started to permeate. Players, especially in the USA, are engaging on these incredible new websites to be a part of communities full of incredible people. A solid strategy for joining is to check out sites like Chumba Casino.

Instead of feeling like you’re in a locked room with the lights off as you play, the social aspect of casinos like Chumba Casino allows you to break free of traditional gambling molds. Now, you can interact with other players, learn the latest tips and tricks, and be the first to unlock empowering bonuses, games, and promotions you wouldn’t hear about otherwise.


How We Ranked Other Sites like Chumba Casino

Of course, playing at any sites like Chumba Casino takes careful consideration of the details you’re looking for. You wouldn’t want to consider what other sites are like Chumba if they didn’t share some basic requirements or similarities you’ve already grown accustomed to using.

For example, when our expert casino review team gets to work, we look for features on all gambling sites like Chumba Casino, including:

  • Features: We always begin by asking what are the “must-have” aspects of the social casinos like Chumba? Do they have similar promotions, customer support, security, mobile responsiveness, and game diversity?
  • Bonuses & Promotions: Next we’re going to look at the various bonuses and promotions that may be available. This is where we want to unlock welcome packages, prizes, and other insights for your winning strategies.
  • Quality Control: QC is a significant factor with any sweepstakes casinos like Chumba Casino. Even with all the marketing in the world, if the quality isn’t there, you shouldn’t be either.
  • Mobile Readiness: Every sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino we considered has to be mobile responsive. The games and features must be able to be viewed on any device of any size for your convenience.
  • Customer Support: Finally, we want to know whether the professional standards of customer support are up to par. There are a lot of Chumba Casino similar sites. If they don’t have strong customer support, you probably should spend your money elsewhere.

As long as the various Chumba sister casinos meet these minimum standards, we can then separate them out into the best featured examples – each with their own competitive advantage perfect for your gameplay and strategies.

Do Other Casinos Like Chumba Offer Any Real Money Prizes?

Sites like Chumba Casino are built differently than traditional online gambling platforms. Instead of using fiat currency to place a bet directly, you are enjoying a bit of a “workaround.” You get a certain amount of “free” playable digital coins when you register and can then purchase additional coins for a small fee.

Because it is the coins you are using to bet and not your own money, there is a certain level of protection you receive. This is why sister sites to Chumba Casino are so popular with U.S. players. Those sites are the best Bovada alternatives in the USA.

As for getting rewards from games like Chumba Casino, you do this using the second form of digital coins. The more you play on all the different casinos like Chumba and Luckyland, the more you’ll gain access to redeemable digital coins. These are what you use for real cash money rewards.

Whenever you redeem these digital coins, you’ll have a quick waiting period, then the money is deposited into your bank account, credit card like VISA or AMEX, bank transfer, or crypto digital wallet. You decide which is right for you depending on the money management available from the slots like Chumba you are choosing.

How to Begin with Casino Games Like Chumba

If you’re worried about how to sign up and enjoy all that you can on slots on Chumba Casino – don’t be! It has never been easier to experience all that social and sweepstakes-based casinos have to offer.

When you’re considering signing up for websites like Chumba Casino, all you need to do is provide the basic account information. That may include your name, age, email, address, and other such details. Different apps like Chumba Casino have different requirements, but for the most part, they are all much easier to register for than traditional online casino platforms.

While you won’t get peace of mind from an international gaming authority license, there are a ton of endorsements from celebrities like Paris Hilton and organizations like MMA/UFC. More and more leading authorities are looking at sites like Chumba Casino as valuable partners in business and for building a strong community around their brands.

When you are exploring other games like Chumba Casino, do yourself a favor and only sign up for the ones you know have a solid reputation. As all of these online casino games like Chumba have some form of chat board or live interaction element, you’ll learn pretty quickly which ones are safe and secure compared to clone sites without any authority.

Finally, you’ll get all the playable coins you need to build a solid playing strategy once you verify your account. In most cases, that is tens to hundreds of thousands of digital coins, so you can jump onto any of the slots, megaways, progressive jackpots, fishing games, or whatever other forms of entertainment each of the different more games like Chumba Casino offers.


Is there a way to enjoy free playing at casinos like Chumba?

Yes, every single one of the online casinos like Chumba Casino we explored offered a welcome bonus package. Sometimes, that includes using a special code, but it gives you playable digital coins without requiring a deposit.

What is the big appeal to online casinos like Chumba?

Chumba Casino sister sites provide you with a rewarding online gambling experience that doesn’t involve placing down your own money to get started. As long as you are over the age of 18 and using a VPN if you’re in a restricted geographic location, you should be good to go for playing on this platform.

What are the best Chumba Casino alternatives?

There really isn’t a way to answer this comprehensively. Whatever other sites like Chumba Casino you think are the best will depend entirely on your unique needs and how you like to risk your gambling funds.

Is there a way to win real money at sites like Chumba Casino?

As you aren’t risking your own money when you bet, you don’t get direct financial winnings. Instead, you are awarded a certain amount of redeemable digital coinage. The more you get, the higher your real cash rewards when you finally initiate a redemption. It’s not like playing at a real money casino, but more and more players recognize those social casinos as a better alternative to BetOnline or other real money gambling platforms.

Are gambling sites like Chumba fair to play and legit?

All the different social casinos like Chumba Casino are safe and provide players with a wonderful time full of excitement and fun. However, there is no international licensing, so you are playing at your own risk. With the reputation, celebrity endorsements, third-party payment processor partnerships, and more, we think they are all safe to enjoy. You can always add a VPN to your account if you are concerned your account may be at risk.

What if I want to use my smartphone for sweepstakes casinos like Chumba Casino?

Another significant benefit of using sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino is that they are almost all built using HTML5. That means you can view the different games, features, and interactive elements on any device of any size you prefer. In many cases, that includes a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

What if I need to contact the different customer support features of Chumba Casino sister sites?

We never had to wait any longer than 5-10 minutes to get a response to our questions about the different Chumba Casino similar sites we explored. You’ll find that most of the different Chumba sister casinos use a 24/7 live chat feature for interacting with players. That offers you a result around the clock so you can play any time or day.

Where a 24/7 live chat isn’t available, different sites like Chumba Casino offer either email or phone systems for you to use. However, the best way to learn more about the platform you are using is to engage on the chat boards. That way, other players can offer insights and tips you’d never heard of otherwise.

Wrapping Up

Locating the best sister sites to Chumba Casino doesn’t have to take endless hours behind your laptop after a long day of work. We already know how fantastic the Chumba Casino platform is and have done the hard work for you. Every one of the games, like Chumba Casino, we’ve reviewed offers a similar experience, so you can experience all the benefits you can.

Take the time to browse the different sites like Chumba Casino we’ve provided. Be sure to read through the terms and conditions so you’ll know which sites offer the most rewards for your time and money. When all is said and done, you’ll probably do what most of our readers do and build a combination of websites like Chumba Casino that provide all the games, promotions, customer support, and real-time social interactions you love.

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