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Mystifly unveils Smart Selling Platform with Costco Travel launch



Travel tech provider Mystifly has officially rolled out the Smart Selling Platform (SSP), an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS).

It is designed to simplify and revenue-optimise the sourcing, selling, and servicing of heterogeneous air content for any travel seller.

Mystifly’s SSP helps to close many gaps in current airline distribution infrastructure.

Costco Travel is the first customer to deploy SSP.

“SSP is the industry’s first cloud-based solution purpose-built for selling and servicing air at scale with a particular focus on enabling sellers to optimise their business,” said Rajeev Kumar, founder, CEO, and MD of Mystifly.

SSP not only aggregates disparate air content (e.g. NDC, direct connect, GDS), but also applies artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to enhance source data for improved accuracy.

It enables post-booking automation, leading to reduced agent call time and lower operations cost.

SSP’s Manager module enables travel sellers to revenue optimise their business by source and channel.

SSP offers a holistic view of the end-to-end air selling experience, including Sourcing (access to hundreds of airlines including GDSs, NDC, LCCs, and a competitive consolidator marketplace).

Also, Selling (channel, shopping, and revenue optimization for sellers); Servicing (post-booking servicing across sources); and Settlement (airline payment solution).

All content is enhanced with AI, NLP, and machine learning (ML), and made available via a single, developer-friendly API or an optional SSP Agent user interface.

“Our industry has outgrown traditional distribution and selling systems,” Kumar added.

“Air content fragmentation is at an all-time high, forcing travel sellers to endure disconnected systems that add complexity, and unsustainable IT costs.”

Costco Travel has deployed the Mystifly SSP to sell and service Hawaiian Airlines’ exclusive NDC content.

As Mystifly is a HA Connect Approved Partner, Costco Travel can now offer Costco members Hawaiian Airlines flights and functionalities that are only available through NDC.

These include exclusive Neighbor Island point-to-point flights, frequent flyer personalisation and dynamically priced ancillaries.

In addition to partnerships with all major GDSs, Mystifly has 45+ airline direct connect integrations, including 25 NDCs.

As well as Hawaiian Airlines, it offers American Airlines, United Airlines, TAP Portugal, Vueling, Emirates Airlines, Qatar, Qantas, and others.

Mystifly recently partnered with Google Cloud to advance its AI-powered shopping intelligence. 

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