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Our Essential Travel Items We Take On Every Flight



Hi Idiots.


We are once again in Portland, Maine for another set of live shows (btw- you all already sold out the live show, thank you so much!). We always have a blast when we come to town. We are knee-deep in Live Show travel season, having flown well over a thousand miles already this month.


So with all this time we spend in the air, each of us has a couple of things we must have in order to make these flights manageable. Our travel habits range from tidying up to sleeping, to “raw dogging” travel (thank you, Steve.) So, here are the things each of us brings with us on the plane to pass the time in our many cramped seats.


Hot Wings

Hot Wings’ essential plane item is his Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. To entertain on the flight, to keep the sounds of crying children out, and to alleviate the airplane pressure. Side note: these headphones were the topic of much debate at the last live show.


Free Beer

Free Beer’s travel essential is his three-way charger for his watch, earbuds, and phone. On this flight, FB is starting the Last of Us TV show from HBO Max, and he needs that iPad fully charged.


Photo by Alexandar Todov on Unsplash

Photo by Alexandar Todov on Unsplash



In a move that will surprise absolutely no one, Kelly’s must-haves are a book, gum, and hand lotion. Gum for the take-off, a book for during the flight, and hand lotion for…well I’m not sure, but at least she’ll have soft hands.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash



Unlike everyone else, Maitlynn spends her entire flight doing something she never makes time for otherwise: going through her photos and deleting things she doesn’t need anymore. So really I guess she only needs her phone, but she’s being wildly productive and I commend her for that.

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash



Last, but not least, I’m going to just write word for word Steve’s response because it made me ugly laugh:

Mine used to be noiuse cancelling headphones too, but lately, I’ve been pretty minimalist and just raw dogging travel. I just sit there and look out the window or sleep.


Raw dogging travel. Thank you, Steve.


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