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SKIMS Has Finally Restocked Its Game-Changing Bras – But You Better Hurry

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If we go back to 2019, there’s one cultural reset that all of us, undeniably, remember, and that was the beginning of SKIMS. Founder Kim Kardashian formulated the brand with one ethos in mind: creating shapewear that was high-quality, inclusive and consistently innovative. And she achieved, precisely, that.

The brand’s bestselling bra collections, were true to the SKIMS mission, having carefully been crafted to provide customers with impeccable comfort and fit. It doesn’t come as surprise then, that since they first dropped, they have consistently sold out after each and every restock.

But worry not SKIMS lovers. The original game-changing bra collections that we know and love have been restocked, meaning you can get your hands on some of the best bras known in the industry once again. The Naked Collection, the No Show Bra Collection, and the Weightless Bra Collection are back, and waiting to take up space in your wardrobe. Time to indulge and treat yourself to some quality innovative bra solutions, we think.

Take a look at our top picks below, and don’t forget to check out the best SKIMS dupes we could find too – if you’re looking to save some money, that is.

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SKIMS’ No Show Collection Balcony bra is the perfect addition to any nude lingerie wardrobe.

SKIMS Weightless Collection Scoop Bra

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This Weightless bra has been one of the most popular bras to sell on the SKIMS website, and their Scoop bra is perfect if you are looking for a bra that isn’t entirely a full cup.

SKIMS Naked Plunge Longline Bra

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This Naked Collection Plunge bra offers maximum sculpting and support for all chest sizes.

SKIMS Naked Plunge Bra

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The perfect plunge bra with a v-neckline.

SKIMS No Show Molded Unlined Demi Bra

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This No Show bra has one mission in mind: comfort and simplicity.

SKIMS Weightless Demi Bra

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This bra offers slightly more cup coverage than the Weightless Scoop bra and comes in all the classic nudes SKIMS have become so well known for.

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