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Tesla crashes into wall outside Narwee newsagency in Sydney despite anti-collision technology

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You can’t park there! Tesla embroiled in embarrassing carpark crash despite all of its anti-collision technology

  •  White Tesla SUV seen mounted on a curb 
  •  Sydney locals mocked the botched park 
  •  Teslas have a storied history of crashes 

A Tesla seen smashed into a brick wall has left many questioning whether the high-tech car’s parking sensors or anti-collision mechanisms were working when the embarrassing incident happened.

The car was photographed on top of the wall outside a Narwee newsagent, in Sydney‘s west, over the weekend, leaving bystanders in stitches. 

The car appeared to have completely mounted the curb before smashing into the red brick wall, partially destroying a garden and leaving parts from its undercarriage on the street behind it.

Since Tesla released their Model 3 series, all cars now feature anti-collision software including full-body sensors and automatic braking. 

Although many conceded the white Tesla driver was most likely to blame in the botched parking attempt, the Elon Musk-owned brand does have a history of bizarre accidents. 

A Tesla mounted the curb and partially destroy a brick wall in a botched parking attempt over the weekend

The Narwee newsagent prior to the accident (pictured), with a full red brick wall to support its garden

The Narwee newsagent prior to the accident (pictured), with a full red brick wall to support its garden 

The anti-collision sensors aim to prevent accidents with prompts sent to the driver when an impact is imminent, but these clearly didn’t help the driver on this occasion.

Users online jumped on Tesla embracing of electricity to run its cars and the company’s greener outlook to make fun of the driver.

‘It just wanted to hug a tree,’ one joked.

‘Did they get charged?’ another wrote.

Despite Tesla’s position as a leading car brand, its innovations in computer assisted driving has led to skepticism about safety before. 

In April, 2022, a Tesla with its auto-driving mode on drove into a US airport, slamming into a $3m private jet.

The moment was caught on CCTV, where the persistent Tesla continued driving even after becoming jammed under the jet’s tail. 

Before the Tesla stuck the jet it was facing forward

After impact, the jet rotates almost 180 degrees

A driverless Tesla in the US was caught on CCTV plowing into a $3m jet (pictured), failing to stop even after becoming lodged under the aircraft

Although it wasn’t confirmed the car’s driverless feature was involved in the wild parking attempt in Narwee, a reputation of mishaps have created a stigma for the brand.

A 2022 report revealed between July, 2021 – and July, 2022, 70 per cent of accidents related to advanced driver assistance systems involved at least one Tesla.

Of the 392 reported accidents – from 12 manufacturers – since July 2021, Tesla vehicles accounted for 273, or 69.6 per cent.  

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