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Vin Diesel celebrates Netflix milestone as he shares Riddick update

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Vin Diesel has celebrated a milestone on Netflix for his Riddick trilogy.

The Fast and Furious star has appeared as violent antihero Richard B Riddick in three films across the Chronicles of Riddick franchise: Pitch Black (2000), The Chronicles of Riddick (2004), and Riddick (2013).

He is seemingly set to reprise the role once more in Riddick 4: Furya, a film that has been in development since 2014.

On Instagram, Diesel offered fans an update on the prospective new sequel, and cheered the fact that all three Riddick films were in Netflix’s Top 10 films list at the same time.

“Had some really great Riddick meetings this week…” wrote the actor, “only to find that all three films are in the top ten Netflix movies.

“Wow. So grateful to our Furyan community. Haha. Happy creative Sunday…”

In the comments underneath, fans of the franchise shared their enthusiasm for a fourth Riddick entry.

“We need this movie and more of this character now!!” one person wrote.

“There has been an awakening! The fans are excited for Riddick 4!” commented another.

“Hell yeaa gonna watch them again for the 1000th time,” someone else promised.

As well as playing Riddick in the live-action films, Diesel has also voiced the character in the 2004 animated short The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, the 2013 motion comic Riddick: Blindsided, and two Riddick video games.

Vin Diesel in ‘Riddick’

(Jan Thijs/Universal)

Earlier this year, one of the producers of Avatar addressed rumours that Diesel was set to join James Cameron’s hit sci-fi franchise, after the actor convinced some fans it was a done deal.

In 2019, Diesel provoked speculation by sharing a video on Instagram with Cameron from the Avatar set.

He said: “There is one person in Hollywood I’ve always wanted to work with and learn from, and so, all things come, I guess, to those that wait.”

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