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25 Must-Have Memorial Day Storage Deals for a Cleaner, Tidier, More Organized Home



Whether you’re making the most of a small shelf or have plenty of cabinets to work with, you can never have enough storage. In fact, a house could have all the closets in the world, a huge, walk-in pantry, and a double-car garage, and still not have enough room to store and organize all your items. But the right storage solutions can optimize all your spaces—both small and big—so that you can fit the absolute most in your home.

Memorial Day sales on storage and organization solutions is the best way to start decluttering and organizing on a budget. Shop genius kitchen organizers that double pantry space, under-the-sink bathroom shelves, sturdy bins for the garage, storage baskets for blankets, toys, and pillows, and more—all marked down on Amazon for Memorial Day sales. Prices start at just $8 with savings of up to 75 percent.

Best Overall Memorial Day Storage Deals


Best Kitchen Storage Memorial Day Deals


Kitchen clutter makes it nearly impossible to find the ingredients and tools you’re looking for. In order to create space and organize your cooking must-haves, most professional organizers will recommend storing and labeling food items in organizers like these tested and reviewed dry food storage containers. For compact kitchens that need more help, the Crosley Furniture Savannah Full-Size Kitchen Cart is essentially a portable kitchen island that can be wheeled out when needed and stored in a corner when not in use. To double the space under the counter, sink, or on a pantry shelf, use multi-level shelves like this Household Essentials Glidez Slide-Out Basket Storage, now 60 percent off, to optimize on vertical space. Plus, it includes removable plastic liners to protect against leaks and spills.

Best Closet Storage Memorial Day Deals


If you’re guilty of stuffing the closet just enough so that the door stays shut (raises my own hand), then it’s time to kick this bad organizational habit and use organizers to double the space in your closets. That goes for linen closets, coat closets, and bedroom closets alike, as they all have their own set of storage problems. For seasonal clothes you won’t need in the short term, this six-pack of foldable storage bins is a must-have, but if you’re guilty of lovingly hoarding shoes, try this four-tier shoe storage organizer or this revolving rack that can accommodate both tall boots and low-profile shoes.

Best Bathroom Storage Memorial Day Deals


Small bathrooms can be particularly pesky to organize because it’s hard to create storage where there simply is no space—or so you’d think. But there are actually a handful of hacks you can use to create more room in a small restroom, like these over-the-toilet organizers that can easily hold skincare products, makeup, and other bathroom essentials. A four-pack of glass dispensers can hold just about anything from Q-tips and cotton swabs to band-aids, and if you’re really working with limited space, the now-$18 SpaceLead Slim Four-Tier Storage Cart is so slim that it easily slides between your toilet bowl and sink. 

Best Garage Storage Memorial Day Deals


Garages are proof that a big space doesn’t automatically mean an organized one—it can surprisingly get filled with junk quick. While it may have plenty of square footage to accommodate your bulky items like tools, pool accessories, and sports equipment, if you’re not maximizing that space correctly, then it’s essentially dead air. Rather than tiptoeing through rows and rows of disorganized junk, use the “right” storage solutions to create designated spaces for all your items. Our favorite find is the Fleximounts 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack—now marked down 37 percent—that utilizes the overhead garage space, but there’s nothing more heavy-duty than these Rubbermaid lockable storage boxes that can hold up to 24 gallons.

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