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5 Meijer Foods That Should Be Budgeted Into Your Weekly Shopping List



Indianapolis - Circa June 2017: Meijer Retail Location.

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If you’ve lived in the Midwest, you’ve no doubt heard about (and seen the ads for) Meijer. It’s a grocery giant in Midwest states — often compared to Walmart for being filled with a variety of affordable grocery options in order to help households save a few dollars.

Here are a few Meijer foods you might want to add to your weekly shopping list.

Deli Foods

Let’s start with the deli counter. Meijer is known for having deli counters filled with fresh items at good prices. In fact, according to Mashed, Meijer has some of the best deli counters, period.

“Meijer’s deli counter has just about everything you could ever want, from fresh-sliced meats to an olive bar to homemade soups. The deli serves Deitz & Watson meat and cheese, which some customers say is comparable to Boar’s Head but priced lower, as well as an in-house brand,” Mashed detailed.

While you’re at the deli counter, be sure to check out the Meijer brand meats and cheeses. In addition, the pre-shredded rotisserie chicken has been called some of the best available at any grocery deli.


A trip to the grocery store wouldn’t be complete for most shoppers without a stop at the produce section.

At Meijer, you’re in luck. According to many review sites, including Eat This, Not That, Meijer is known for having some of the best produce of any similar grocery chain: “While Meijer is far from the only super-store out there (looking at you, Walmart, Target, and Kroger) word on the street is that they have the best produce by far.”


Looking for some good cereal options? Check out Meijer cereal. You’ll not only find good deals on your favorite cereal brands, but the Meijer store brand offers some unique alternatives such as Marshmallow Treasures and Bountiful Morning.

Ice Cream

Do you know anyone who decides where to grocery shop based on the flavors of ice cream they offer? If so, Meijer might be a place to check out. They have their own store label offering, as well as Purple Cow and other quality brands.


Let’s round out this list with another grocery staple — milk. When you shop at Meijer, be sure to check out the milk selection. If you can’t find a great deal on Meijer milk, check out their discounts on other brands.

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