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AI-Generated Fashion Campaigns : AI Generated Fashion Campaign



AI-Generated Fashion Campaigns : AI Generated Fashion Campaign

To support the launch of its new teen fashion line, Mango debuted its first AI-generated fashion campaign. Mango Teen’s latest launches include limited-edition styles like beaded print skirts, fringe crochet tops and gradient bikinis, all of which are brought to life with an AI model against desert backdrops.

Although some brands are swearing off AI-generated imagery, others like Mango are wholeheartedly embracing its capabilities. “This initiative reflects our continued commitment to innovation in the fashion world,” Jordi Alex, Chief Information Technology Officer at Mango told FashionUnited, “AI is a technological revolution with great opportunities that should act as a co-pilot to extend the capabilities of our employees.”

Mango’s product pages disclose that the model’s image was created with artificial intelligence, helping consumers decipher between different image types on its website.

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