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CDRI & UNDRR launches the global methodology for infrastructure resilience reviews at COP28



The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) officially launched the Global Methodology for Infrastructure Resilience Reviews at COP28.  

This global methodology is the first of its kind as it provides a holistic approach to infrastructure systems resiliency. Its application supports countries in assessing the current state of infrastructure resilience, so that areas of improvement are identified, and actions taken.  

The methodology is already being implemented in Bhutan, Chile, Madagascar, and Tonga. Representatives from these countries shared their experiences and joined sessions organized by UNDRR and CDRI at COP28 in the pavilions of Bhutan and Chile. Other representatives from ADB, Fiji, private investment and Brazil also participated in the sessions. 

Overall, UNDRR’s Infrastructure and Financing for Resilience Unit joined no fewer than 8 sessions as panelists sharing the importance of addressing climate resilient infrastructure. Challenges and opportunities for achieving resilient infrastructure were presented along with examples and case studies of good practices for enhancing resilience.  

The various sessions at COP28 provided a platform for countries to showcase good practices and lessons learnt that can inform policies, regulatory frameworks and governance mechanisms. This was complemented with discussions on the opportunities and strategies to enhance investments in quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure. 

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