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Colorado City Ranks As 2nd Worse For Summer Travel In The U.S.



DENVER, Colorado – Forbes Advisor released their list of the worst cities for summer travel in the United States, basing their scores on the city experience, air travel, and driving experience. Two Colorado cities ranked among the top 20, with one sitting at a devastating #2 position.

The rankings were created with three categories: city experience, air travel, and driving experience. City experience considered crime rate, median hotel price during the summer travel season, median cost of tours and activities, average price of a two person meal, and much more. Air travel takes into account the percentage of flights delayed, canceled or diverted, the number of property loss and damage claims per 100,000 domestic passengers, and the percentage of property loss and damage claims reimbursed in full.

Lastly, driving experience considers the number of people involved in fatal crashes between June and August per 100,000 residents, average gas prices, number of parking lots and parking garages per 100,000 metro area residents, and the average speed in rush hour traffic. The higher the overall score, the worse the city.

Denver, Colorado, came in a rough 18th place, just in between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (17) and Sacramento, California (19). Denver received a 60.74 for city experience, a 36.93 for air travel, and a 31.16 for driving experience. The city’s overall score was a 48.09.

The biggest blow to Coloradans, however, is what Forbes considers the second worse city in the United States for travel, Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs received a 91.05 for city experience, a 100 for air travel, and a 53.42 for driving experience. It’s overall score was a 99.59, beat out only by Jacksonville, Florida.

In 3rd was Fresno, California, with an overall score of 78.54, and Memphis, Tennessee took 4th. The full list can be viewed here.

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