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Denver, Colorado Springs among worst ‘spots for summer travel’ in US



Forbes Advisor recently released its ranking for the ‘worst cities for summer travel’ in the United States and two Colorado spots are high on the list.

In order to come up with its ranking, Forbes took a look at the 43 most-populated cities in the country, comparing 16 different travel-related metrics.

Denver ranked relatively high on the list of “worst places for summer travel” — 18th. A few factors in this ranking included having the second-highest crime rate among cities included in the analysis and its ninth-highest hotel prices during the summer season, as well as its rush hour traffic.

Ranking as the second-worst place to travel — and only slightly behind the list-leading Jacksonville, Florida — was Colorado Springs, which was recently called the ‘3rd-best place to live’ in the country.


Southwest Airlines is scheduled to launch daily nonstop service at 10 a.m. Tuesday from the Colorado Springs Airport to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.  

The top contributing factor in Colorado Springs’ low ranking from Forbes was its airport, said to have the highest percentage of delayed, canceled, or diverted flights among cities included in the analysis, as well as the fourth-lowest percentage of fully reimbursed property loss and damage claims during summer months.

Additionally, the city had the second-worst transit score and the third-highest median cost of tours and activities ($152), and it ranked fifth in terms of having the fewest four-plus star TripAdvisor-rated restaurants.

Those who have been to Colorado Springs may be a bit shocked about its low overall ranking, given that summer is generally considered one of the best times to visit this city.


Rainbow Falls, a natural attraction located in Manitou Springs, is reopening in mid-June after being closed off since 2021 after a rock fall had been reported above the preserve’s small parking lot.

Insofar as transit, there are simple remedies to the issues stemming from air travel, costs of activities, and the “lack” of four-star restaurants in the city.

Flying into Denver and driving the short distance south to Colorado Springs provides an alternative to the Colorado Springs Airport, though the airport can be great and convenient when there aren’t delays.

Meanwhile, sticking to nature-related activities can be a good way to save money. Hiking on ample local trails is generally free or may occasionally come with an affordable park pass.

Camping also tends to be a good cheap activity and a way to save on hotel costs, with some spots like Cheyenne Mountain State Park offering more developed campgrounds and even cabin stays. As far as the food, Forbes determined that Colorado Springs still had 626 four-plus-star restaurants – which is plenty for even a lengthy summer vacation to the area.

Overall, Minneapolis, Minnesota was ranked as the best place to travel this summer.


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