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Developing the Smart Road Stud System (Guide Lights) to Support Mobility Infrastructure | Frontier Research | Mobility | Toyota Motor Corporation Official Global Website



During the PoC*7 conducted with Sekisui Jushi and Koha using the completed Smart Road Stud, we discovered two issues. The first is the noise*8 from the motion sensors on rainy days. This noise is caused by the sensors reacting to raindrops themselves or raindrops hitting the surface of the Smart Road Stud, as well as raindrops flowing on its surface. The second issue is the insufficient distance that the LED light can reach. The 4-color LEDs used in the PoC were hobby-grade LEDs chosen for easy software development, and they were not bright enough under direct sunlight, which was the main cause. The development of the next-generation products, which address the issues identified in the PoC, is progressing smoothly.

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