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Fitness coach accuses doctor of ‘fat shaming’ her



Fitness coach accuses doctor of ‘fat shaming’ her

A fitness coach has shared her experiences on TikTok of being ‘fat shamed’ by a doctor.

Alex, who goes by @alexx.fitt and has nearly 240,000 subscribers on TikTok and more than 12 million likes on her videos, posted a clip which has been seen by more than three million people.

Alex is a weight loss coach who shares videos promoting healthy lifestyle and fitness on her page, and she was shocked by her recent experience.

Speaking to the camera, Alex said: “My doctor was shocked about how much I weigh.”

She then said that her doctor said “damn” under her breath when she looked at the scale – despite the fact Alex weighs just 150 pounds.

The TikToker was surprised by the reaction, and she asked the doctor: “That’s like a healthy range, right?”

Then, according to Alex, the doctor said: “Most women would not like to see that number.”

After saying she was happy with that weight, and also saying that she was 5 foot 9, the doctor said: “OK sweetheart.”

The video sparked anger in the comments, with one viewer saying: “Do you need a new doctor? You’re perfect.”

Another said: “Wow that needs to be reported to the office manager. Her opinion is not ok. You’re perfect.”

Others took issue with the BMI chart system, with one saying: “You’re perfect! BMI charts are so inaccurate.”

“As a nurse, the entire BMI chart (which most medical clinics use) is a huge issue for me; it doesn’t give an accurate representation of what a healthy weight is and is completely out of date,” a viewer added.

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