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Growing trend of mystery travel: Why people are opting for unknown destinations



Growing trend of mystery travel: Why people are opting for unknown destinations

WATCH: The rise of ‘mystery travel’

Mystery travel is the latest trend taking off and jet-setters are letting outside companies take the wheel, curating everything in advance up to the moment they arrive at the airport, all packed for an unknown destination.

Once travelers fill out a survey of their interests, as well as their set budget and travel dates, companies like Journee, Magical Mystery Tours and Pack Up and Go do all the planning for you, from flights and hotels to restaurants and activities.

“It’s a really fun way to explore destinations that might not have occurred to you as a vacation destination, but you might fall in love with,” Lillian Rafson, the founder of Pack Up and Go told “GMA.”

At Pack Up and Go for example, a three-night trip for two starts at $2,300 and they send customers pointers on what to pack, which airport to go to and when to be there. Plus, there’s a surprise trip envelope with the destination inside that’s not to be opened until you are at the airport.

With more than 40,000 travelers who have already taken to the skies with the company that plans out the surprise trip, “Good Morning America” found two couples ready for a mystery getaway to test out the trend firsthand.

Anne and Doug Harris took their first mystery trip in 2015 while they were dating. Now, the married couple will jet-set as a family of three with their infant daughter Betsy, so they asked for somewhere family-friendly with good running spots as Anne trains for a marathon.

VIDEO: The rise of ‘mystery travel’

The couple opened their envelope live on “GMA” and found out they are bound for Portland, Maine.

With their suitcases packed and ready to go celebrate their two year anniversary, Jared Loftin and Alex Leyva are also ready for an unknown adventure.

“I think that taking a trip at all is a thrill, but there is just an extra layer of thrill not knowing where it is,” Loftin told “GMA.”

Upon opening their own envelope, the pair found out they are headed to the Golden State for food tours and trendy restaurants already reserved in San Francisco, California.

Both groups headed straight to the airport from Times Square and will share more details with “GMA” after their excursions.

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