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iGaming Success Stories Worldwide



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The iGaming industry worldwide has amassed a huge number of players, customers, and fans. Over the years, the fan base is only getting bigger and bigger.

Basically, iGaming or online gambling platforms including virtual casinos and online sports betting is now a billion-dollar industry and one of the prime movers in innovation and entertainment.

Today, the total global iGaming market worth is around US$100.9 billion. By 2029, the total market value is forecast to be worth around US$136.3 billion — only five years from now!

Let’s explore where the global iGaming movement is heading — and countries that are the biggest markets in the world. Let’s get started!

North America: US and Canada as Global Leaders

The U.S. is reported to be the largest gambling market, with its love for online gaming and strong currency attributed to this number. However, Canada also ranks the highest in the online gambling market with a projected 69.4% user penetration rate. 

Canadian gamblers greatly enjoy online sports betting – notably football and Esports. Online betting can potentially drive the industry’s evolution and future projection. 

In North America as a whole, the growing boom in the iGaming casino market is due to an exceptionally good user interface and a smart user experience. 

Revolutionary technological advances, such as Virtual reality (VR Casinos), blockchain, and mobile platforms have found their way into the industry’s guidelines. This gamification has led to a rapid rise in more players seeking this experience.

Asia-Pacific: The Second Largest Global Market

The rising use of the internet in Asia and the increasing use of smartphones are the common denominators in the growing popularity of online gaming.

Other growth factors include easy access to internet gambling, public policy favoring prohibition, societal acceptance, and corporate and celebrity sponsorship. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a complete disruption of normal life and led many consumers to the online landscape, including online gambling. 

As people were confined within the walls of their homes, online gambling served as a popular digital entertainment option. 

This further fueled the launch of real money games, growing numbers, and other casual games such as In-App and F2P. Even beyond the pandemic, online gambling continues to grow in Asia.

Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia: LatAm’s Biggest Drivers 

Latin America is a varied gambling space, with all countries having their own regulatory frameworks for betting, lottery, and casinos. Let’s take an example. Colombia, the first country to legalize online gambling, has a high gambler rate compared to Chile’s lowest rate in LatAm. 

Latin America’s Online Gambling industry is rapidly thriving, with the Brazilian, Mexican, and Colombian markets primarily driving this growth. Brazil has dominated the Latin American gambling market since the country’s 2018 federal government signing of online betting legalizing federal law. 

Brazilian online players mostly prefer roulette, but football also attracts the highest number of wagers.

The Rise of Online Gambling Globally

Each region, and even individual countries, holds its own online gambling market dynamics, including the regulatory landscape. 

However, a few major factors drive online gaming across most markets. 

Customers prefer online gaming platforms for their accessibility and convenience. Further, online gambling platforms give you access to a wide range of sports betting and casino options from anywhere. 

The availability of smartphones and high-speed internet also fuel online gambling as gamblers enjoy a seamless immersive experience. 

Social interactive elements, like chat rooms, and leaderboards help build customer loyalty and push engagement and interaction.

Macroeconomic factors, such as disposable player income and level of spending boost iGaming. Regions with good economic conditions and a good digital ecosystem always have a greater share of digital growth in the region.

Conclusion: Market Penetration Strategies

Different geographical locations require a different approach to how they can penetrate their market. 

In Asia,  big gambling brands are unique in their offerings such as the live casino online and mobile that has the most advanced gambling content, user experience, individualized rewards, and reach across many platforms. 

In North America, gambling platforms learned to leverage AI, chatbots, and machine learning. They use it to understand everything about the customers and how they can customize, personalize, and deliver the best offer through the increase of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Players breaking into online gambling can consult experts for an effective market penetration strategy. createIT can help companies devise strategies to pull in more organic traffic, implement effective online casino and betting systems, and even boost SEO and data-driven digital marketing approaches.

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