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Infrastructure is the Essential Foundation that Supports and Connects the Entire eVTOL Network




As the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) industry accelerates, the spotlight often lands on futuristic aircraft. Yet, without robust infrastructure, these innovations remain grounded. The development of infrastructure is crucial to support the operational capabilities of these cutting-edge vehicles, enabling them to become a viable mode of transportation. According to an article on AAM Insights, the opportunities and challenges in building eVTOL infrastructure are significant and multifaceted, requiring coordinated efforts across various sectors.

How can the industry bridge this gap? What infrastructure is necessary to support this emerging mode of transportation?

In this episode of “SkyShift,” Martin Richardson and Nicholas Zart, the CEO at Electric Air Mobility look into the intricacies of eVTOL infrastructure. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities in creating a seamless network for electric air mobility.

Main Points of Conversation

  • Infrastructure Importance: Zart emphasizes the critical role of infrastructure, likening it to the “glue” that binds the entire eVTOL ecosystem together.
  • Global Perspectives: The discussion covers the regulatory landscapes in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East, highlighting the varying speeds and approaches to infrastructure development.
  • Future Focus: Zart shares insights on Electric Air Mobility’s strategic focus on secondary and tertiary airports and the importance of partnerships in driving innovation.

Nicholas Zart, the CEO of Electric Air Mobility, has a rich background in mobility devices and electric vehicles. His journey from traditional automobiles to electric cars began in the early 2000s, well before the rise of Tesla. Zart’s expertise spans from pioneering electric car technologies to advancing eVTOL infrastructure. He has collaborated with major aviation authorities and contributed significantly to the development of vertiports and related infrastructure.

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