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Kartik Aaryan’s Transformation for New Movie Chandu Champion: Actor Reveals Fitness Secrets



Kartik Aaryan is being called one of the most dedicated actors in Bollywood. He has earned this praise by putting forward a significant transformation for his upcoming titular role in the biographical sports drama Chandu Champion. Fans are taken aback by the massive transformation of the actor, as he recently dropped a before and after picture of his fitness journey. 

In the first photo, Kartik Aaryan has 39% body fat, while in the second image, he has 7% body fat. That is not it; the actor also changed his entire routine to achieve his dream physique for the movie. He wrote, “From 39 % body fat to 7 % body fat!! From being an ‘insomniac’ to turning into a ‘fitness enthusiast,’ it’s surely a journey of one and half years to remember for me. The life of the living legend Mr Murlikant Petkar, not only made me a stronger human being but also, further installed the belief that if you can dream it, then you can achieve it… nothing is impossible.” He further quipped about how earlier his mother used to ask him to go to the gym. However, now she asks when he is returning from the gym. 

Chandu Champion fitness routine: Kartik Aaryan on healthy food and meals

While Kartik Aaryan has amazed everyone with his impressive fitness journey, it was not an easy one. In a recent interview with Film Companion, Aaryan opened up about how his life changed while preparing for Chandu Champion.

During the chat, he revealed what lifestyle changes he adopted for the film. The changes that he incorporated into his life were sleeping and eating on time, going to the gym, and regularly working out. Moreover, despite being a foodie, he opted for a strict diet. The actor continued, “I have always been a foodie. For me, that was a difficult task to leave food. It was about leaving everything I was eating.” However, he soon made peace with the food that did not taste good to him.

Kartik Aaryan followed rigorous dieting and training for one and a half years. Concluding the conversation, the actor revealed that it was a meditative journey for him that changed him as a person. 

Directed by Kabir Khan, Chandu Champion follows the inspiring journey of Paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar. The movie will hit theaters on June 14, 2024. 

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