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‘Let me slow you down’: MSNBC host Ari Melber turns the tables on Trump lawyer



Former President Donald Trump’s payroll attorney William Brennan launched into a tirade on MSNBC Thursday attacking Michael Cohen, the ex-Trump lawyer who is serving as the final and most significant witness for the prosecution in the former president’s Manhattan criminal hush money trial, saying he wasn’t to be trusted.

However, MSNBC anchor Ari Melber, himself an attorney, stopped him cold with a simple point.

“This guy is a whiner,” said Brennan. “It’s always somebody else’s fault. I think [Trump defense counsel Todd] Blanche brought that out. Today it’s the judge’s fault, it’s the prosecutor’s fault, it’s the banker’s fault, it’s the loan officer’s fault, it’s Trump’s fault. You have to remember, Ari, the lies are not totally related and they don’t begin and end with Trump world. He lied about the medallions, he lied to the IRS, he lied to his wife about the refi. He lied to the judge. I mean, these have nothing to do with Trump, and it’s always someone else’s fault. He made a remark in that podcast, ‘revenge is a dish best served cold.’ There’s another quote. Sinatra, for many years, had over his bar a quote saying, ‘living well is the best revenge.’ Maybe he should have taken that quote. Because this guy is absolutely damaged goods. Blanche tagged him with that phone call. That phone call is probably what is going to prevent a guilty verdict here.”

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“Let me slow you down,” cut in Melber. “We were just discussing the phone call with the D.A.’s office. We’ll get to that. I did want to mention, you said that Cohen has been caught lying a lot and we’ve been reporting on that. Of course, if that meant that someone wasn’t fit to have their day in court, you could have never represented Donald Trump when you did because he’s been caught in more lies than any public person alive according to The Washington Post and other accounts.”

“Well, that’s some type of political statement,” said Brennan. “I’m not here for politics.”

“That’s not a political statement,” said Melber. “We’re talking about lies in court. He’s on trial. And you know he’s a known and busted liar. Since you’re weighing in on Cohen.”

Watch the video below or at the link.

Ari Melber clashes with William Brennan on Michael

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