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Letter | ‘Hilarious’ – RTC shopping for unaffordable train



Letter | ‘Hilarious’ – RTC shopping for unaffordable train

I find it absolutely hilarious the RTC is shopping for a train that can’t run on tracks and trestles that are so dated and unsafe that no engineer will ever sign off on until they are brought to current structural standards.

Keeping the dream alive in a county that is broke is not funny anymore but the best part is those Board of Supervisors members, with some sitting on the RTC, just voted themselves a pay raise. My experience with raises is they are earned. Not one man on that board is worthy of any increase of their pay. Taxpayers should be up in arms over this.

Who came up with the idea of tying the raise to the salary of a Superior Court judge that does 40 hours plus a week in court to a few that won a popularity contest and are never available in their office for conversation or explanation?

— Arnold L. Versaw Jr., Aptos

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