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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update Adds Suits Designed by Real Fashion Designers – PlayStation LifeStyle



The new Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update will add eight new suits for Peter and Miles when it launches on June 18. It includes four suits created by fashion designer Colm “KidSuper” Dillane with celebrity collaborators Vini Jr., Lando Norris, and Rina Sawayama.

What new suits are in the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update?

Insomniac Games showcased the new Spider-Man 2 suits in a blog post announcing the update. Miles Morales’ Metro Suit by KidSuper features a puffer jacket and a variety of color options. Players can choose between the default gold on white, red on black, teal on purple, and “classic Spidey.”

KidSuper collaborated with professional soccer player Vinícius “Vini Jr.” Júnior on Miles’ Ginga Suit. The suit’s default color scheme pays homage to the sport and Júnior’s homeland of Brazil. It also has alternate red-on-black, classic, and gold-on-white color schemes.

Looking at Peter’s new duds, British Formula 1 driver Lando Norris left his mark on Parker’s Fluro Suit. It features racing-inspired overalls and helmet and comes in green on black, white on black, pink on blue, and classic.

KidSuper also worked with Japanese-British singer and actress Rina Sawayama on Peter Parker’s Motorchic Suit. The new Spider-Man 2 suit gives Peter a leather jacket and overall motorbike-inspired look. Players can choose between the default red and black, red, black, and classic color schemes.

Meanwhile, the Spider-Man 2 update gives Peter Parker’s Last Stand suit inspired by the Earth-312500 version of Spider-Man. The default suit and leather jacket is red and black, though players can also choose full black, classic, and Arachno-Man yellow and green. Meanwhile, Miles Morales’ gold and black Uptown Pride suit is another fan favorite introduced in the Spider-Man 2 Update. It also comes in silver trim, black on red, and blue on pink versions.

Peter Parker’s Into The Spider-Verse suit copies his outfit from the 2018 animated movie. Players can also enable Film Style Animation mode to make it more authentic. Finally, Miles Morales’ Animated suit pays homage to the classic comics and cartoons.  

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