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Mother Puts Alleged Peeping Tom in Headlock While Shopping



By IE Staff

First Published: 2:52 PM PDT, May 16, 2024

A Colorado mother put an alleged peeping Tom in a headlock after she says she saw the man’s cell phone pointed at her in a dressing room.

Michelle Chandler says she was in the dressing room of a Nordstrom Rack store outside Denver when something under the partition caught her eye.

It turned out to be a man, who Chandler grabbed held in a headlock until authorities arrived 20 minutes later.

Another shopper and a staffer at the store assisted the mother of five in holding the suspect.

At one point, Chandler sat on the suspect to prevent him from fleeing.

Peeping Toms targeting women shoppers inside dressing rooms is disturbingly common.

Emily Lang says she took a photo of a peeper’s cellphone when she was in a changing room in a Forever 21 store in Kansas.

“I was in a state of undress. My clothes were scattered about the floor,” Lang tells Inside Edition.

Police tell Inside Edition they seized the phone of the suspect pinned down by Chandler. He faces at least two counts of criminal invasion of privacy.

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