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Police Strive To Prevent Online Judicial Requests From Inside



Police Strive To Prevent Online Judicial Requests From Inside

JAKARTA – Head of the International Relations Division (KadivHubinter) of the National Police Inspector General Pol. Krishna Murti said that one of the efforts to eradicate online gambling by preventing demand (demand) from within. Without this, eradication efforts will not be maximized.

“If from within demand it is not prevented, transnational efforts to organize crime will continue,” Krishna said, quoting Antara.

The two-star police general explained that the National Police had made various efforts to eradicate online gambling, both law enforcement at home and abroad.

The National Police continues to carry out international operations in collaboration with various networks such as the United Nations Office for drug and crime matters (UNODC), police to police (P to P) cooperation.

Several law enforcement operations in collaboration with the state police were also carried out, including in Manila, Filiphina. The National Police managed to save 154 Indonesian citizens, victims of trafficking in persons employed as online fraud and online gambling operators.

“Then we were able to save several Indonesian citizens from Myanmar even though the operation was very difficult because specifically for Myanmar we conveyed that there were several areas that could not be controlled by the Myanmar Junta,” he said.

This difficulty is because Myanmar is led by the Military Junta which can only control part of the country, while most other areas are controlled by gangsters who run gambling, prostitution and drug businesses.

The former Dirkrimum Polda Metro Jaya said online gambling was not only a problem in Indonesia but also in Southeast Asia, especially China.

The history of online gambling has developed starting from social restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What makes travelers unable to gamble.

Online gambling is run by a network or syndicate that is a transnational network. Groups from China that operate online gambling from Mekong Region Countries, namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

“So the restriction on human movement, which is usually in the Mekong area, has a special economic zone (SEZ) which allows gambling operators to open one stop shopping, one stop entertainment in the SEZ areas with government facilities,” he said.

Karena ada pembatasan COVID-19 itu, kata Krishna, sejak itu judi daring semakin berkembang ke seluruh wilayah-kawasan bahkan sampai ke Amerika dan mereka merek para operator-operator warga yang akan menjadi market dari judi tersebut.

He gave an example, if this gambling group wants to develop online gambling to Indonesia, then they recruit Indonesians.

“Hundreds of people departed, recruited from Indonesia departed for the three countries, then carried out operator activities by of course being organized by mafia groups who have controlled the gambling,” Krishna said.

In its development, he continued, online gambling has become illegal in several countries and the perpetrators are trying to develop sites that can be accessed even though they have beenlimited by each country.

Therefore, said Krishna, the National Police, in this case Bareskrim and all levels facilitated by the International Relations Division, have carried out joint operations with the police of other countries in order to tackle, including law enforcement and prevent reducing the delivery of Indonesian citizens to employees who are paid to carry out online scamming or online settings.

“We have several times revoked several passports and then restrictions, penalty, prevention of leaving some of the suspected groups will go to other countries to be employed as perpetrators of gambling operators,” he said.

According to him, the Indonesian citizen who was hired was promised a sufficient salary, but if he could not achieve the target, he would be sanctioned.

“That’s what it was then (migrant workers) shouted,” he said.

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