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PPATK Blocks 5,000 Accounts Related To Online Gambling



PPATK Blocks 5,000 Accounts Related To Online Gambling

JAKARTA – The Financial Transaction Analyst Report Center (PPATK) blocks as many as 5,000 individual and group accounts related to online or online gambling cases.

PPATK Public Relations Group Coordinator Natsir Kongah said that his party could not confirm the value of existing transactions in the 5,000 accounts that had been blocked related to online gambling.

“It continues to increase, so far there have been 5,000 accounts that we have blocked and I forgot the numbers, but if the accumulation has been submitted, the head in the first quarter of 2024 has reached Rp600 trillion,” said Natsir in a discussion entitled “Death Melarat Due to Gambling” which was monitored online from Jakarta, quoted from Antara, Saturday, June 15.

According to him, PPATK can block accounts where there is an indication of money laundering in the period of five to 15 days.

“After that, the blocking can be followed up by investigators and so far there is no objection, investigators can extend the blockage and look for evidence produced by PPATK analysis,” he said.

Thousands of blocked accounts are known to mostly flow to countries that enter the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), such as Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia.

In addition, Natsir revealed that around 80 percent of the identified 3.2 million online gambling players, on average they played above Rp100 thousand. The profiles that play online gambling also vary, ranging from students, students to even housewives.

“This is quite worrying for us as the nation’s children. Where, for example, the family’s income is said to be Rp. 200,000 per day, if the Rp. 100,000 is used for online gambling, it is significant to reduce the nutrition of the existing family,” explained Natsir.

Reports on online gambling are the largest part of the suspicious financial transaction reports received by PPATK, namely 32.1 percent, then fraud at 25.7 percent and other criminal acts 12.3 percent, and corruption at 7 percent.

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