Press release

Ally and the White Queen were excited about the upcoming film festival. They wanted to share a magical story about finding true love through time travel. After putting on costumes from the movie, they embarked on an enchanting adventure.

Their journey began at a beach campsite where Tim, the time-traveling protagonist, had grown up. They set up a cozy tent for Tim to enjoy his beachside childhood. As they wandered further, they came across a venue for a party. The place needed decorating, so they set up a dining table and placed a cake on it, hoping to create the perfect setting for Tim to meet his beloved.

Exploring more, Ally and the White Queen found a baby crib meant for Tim’s daughter. Nearby, they discovered a camera filled with wedding photos of Tim’s wife in her beautiful dress. Their adventure took them to an airport that Tim and his wife often visited. Seeing the damaged airplane, they used their magic to fix it, ensuring the couple could continue their honeymoon travels.

The duo then arrived at a theater, where Tim had once used his time-traveling abilities to help with an important performance. Unfortunately, this caused him to miss his lover. To prevent future mishaps, Ally and the White Queen repaired the theater clock.

Their magical journey finally led them to a gallery filled with stunning paintings. The exhibition hadn’t started yet because the piano needed fixing. Ally and the White Queen brought in a spare piano, allowing the exhibition to commence and Tim to reunite with his lover in the beautiful setting.

With everything in place, Ally and the White Queen watched as Tim and his beloved enjoyed their timeless love story. The film festival in Wonderland was a grand success, captivating everyone with the enchanting tale of Tim’s journey through time and love. And they all lived happily ever after.