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Stay fit without breaking the bank



Stay fit without breaking the bank

Firefighters, cops, paramedics, corrections officers – one thing we all have in common is that our physical condition is integral to perform our jobs at peak capacity. We work in ever-changing environments and dynamic situations that require some degree of physical fitness.

It is important that first responders achieve a well-rounded level of fitness that addresses both job capabilities and personal health goals. One way we can do this is by having access to equipment that allows us to perform various different exercises, allowing individuals to endure and overcome injuries and physical challenges, and build the fundamentals for a well-rounded healthy body and mind.

You don’t need a fitness club membership to access impactful equipment. Let’s explore some featured workout equipment that can easily be bought online and begin to build on this foundation.

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper

This versatile little device can work both your upper and lower body. The Sunny Health Mini Stepper features low-impact stepping paddles for your feet, along with resistance bands on both sides that be used for either upper or lower body exercises.

You can perform quite a few different exercises on this device, such as curls, shoulder presses and lateral raises, all while still exercising your calves, quads and hamstrings with the hydraulic paddles. Effective use of this stepper will also force you to engage your core and work your abdominal muscles.

This is an underestimated little machine, especially because you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

WALITO Resistance Bands Set

This next item is also easily portable and can be used anywhere – a set of resistance bands for both lower and upper body made by WALITO. This set of bands ranges in resistance from 10 lbs all the way to 50 lbs. The included handles and ankle straps help these bands target many different muscle groups across the body.

The entire kit fits in a small little bag and the bands themselves come with clips that allow you to anchor them pretty much anywhere that is safe.

Luyata 10-In-1 Ab Exercise Kit

The last item on our list is a grand slam for those looking for challenging ab exercises. The 10-In-1 exercise kit opens up the door to a multitude of different exercises. This kit is loaded with smaller sized items (great for space saving) that will put any area of your fitness to the test, from cardio, to upper and lower body strength, core strength and flexibility.

The kit’s main feature is the ab roller wheel, well known for its unique targeting of core muscles along with its substantial calorie burning effects. The wheel comes with a set of push up bars to challenge your upper body and chest muscles, an adjustable jump rope for cardio and calorie burning, a set of resistance bands, a set of figure 8 bands, wrist straps, guidebook and a thick kneeling pad for ab rolling or other ab core exercises.

With all of these tools and gadgets, for the price, this kit is certainly a bargain.

When it comes to workout equipment, there are many different tools out there, as you can see. There is also no need to break the bank to get a good workout in that leaves no part of your body neglected.

All of the items I listed above are under $60 and take up very little space in your home, station or car. With products like these easily accessible, we have less excuses not to get our workout in!

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