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The Legality of US Online Casinos in 2024



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Online gambling in the United States (US) has experienced a significant transformation over the recent years. There are several online casinos and sports betting that have been legalized in many different states across the US map. Our guide looks into the states that offer legal and illegal online casinos and provides top-quality information backed by hard facts.

The Rise of Online Casinos in the US

Online casino gambling in the US has been legal and regulated since 2013, but there are individual states that pass their own gaming laws. This means that US states can decide for themselves if they want to legalize online casino play or not. In this case, there have been many states that have regulated online casinos, whereas others have not.

With the rise of online casinos around the globe, there has been a great discussion throughout the US about legalizing more online casinos in certain states. Legalizing sports betting in 2018 created a significant change and improvement in many online gambling sites. Gone are the days when one had to physically get dressed and drive to a physical casino to enjoy a game of Blackjack or place a bet on their favorite sports team.

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Today, all it takes is a laptop or mobile device to access the world of online casinos and play at well-known sites such as the BetMGM online casino.

The rise of online casinos in the US is driven by many factors, such as convenience, accessibility, regulation, safety, technology, and many other striking features. With advancing technology and the high demand for convenient gambling, these online casinos will continue to grow and gain popularity.

How Online Casinos in the US Have Changed Since Being Legalized

After the Supreme Court Government ruling between 2013–2018, most states legalized online gambling and sports betting. Since then, there have been impressive changes in the gambling industry. Read through some of the points below and see how the gambling industry and online casinos in the US have changed since being legalized.

  • The US gaming market industry has transformed into a winning business and has grown its development.
  • Casinos started generating more revenue.
  • Online sites have provided more incentives like bonuses and promotions.
  • The online casinos have created more employment opportunities.

Which US States Are Legalized To Offer Online Casinos and Online Gambling?

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After many hours of research, our casino experts found exactly which US states have been legalized and are fully regulated to offer amazing online casino sites, sports betting, and other online gambling to both professional and beginner gamblers. We have also indicated which US states are not legal and which states have pending online casino legalizations, so read the list below:

  • Alabama ❌
  • Arizona ❌
  • Arkansas ❌
  • California ❌
  • Colorado — STILL PENDING
  • Connecticut ✅ Has been legal since 2021.
  • Delaware ✅ Has been legal since 2013.
  • Florida ❌
  • Georgia ❌
  • Hawaii ❌
  • Idaho ❌
  • Illinois ❌
  • Indiana — STILL PENDING
  • Kansas ❌
  • Kentucky ❌
  • Louisiana ❌
  • Maiwe ❌
  • Marland — STILL PENDING
  • Massachusetts ❌
  • Michigan ✅ Has been legal since 2021.
  • Minnesota — STILL PENDING
  • Mississippi ❌
  • Missouri ❌
  • Montana ❌
  • Nebraska ❌
  • Nevada ❌
  • New Hampshire ❌
  • New Jersey ✅ Has been legal since 2013.
  • New Mexico ❌
  • New York — STILL PENDING
  • North Carolina ❌
  • North Dakota ❌
  • Ohio ❌
  • Oklahoma ❌
  • Oregon ❌
  • Pennsylvania ✅ Has been legal since 2019.
  • Rode Island ✅ Has been legal since 2024.
  • South Carolina ❌
  • South Dakota ❌
  • Tennessee ❌
  • Texas ❌
  • Utah ❌
  • Vermont ❌
  • Virginia ❌
  • Washington ❌
  • West Virginia ✅ Has been legal since 2020.
  • Wisconsin ❌
  • Wyoming ❌

Responsible Gambling At Legal US Online Casinos

With online casino sites increasing in popularity, they must follow strict protocols and guidelines concerning responsible gambling. United States gambling laws require every operator at legal online casinos to provide responsible gambling tools to help players prevent gambling addiction. These tools usually consist of deposit limits, self-exclusion tools, time limits, and other features.

If you or a gambler you know is seeking professional help, you can easily reach out and contact various organizations with hotlines and customer support who are available 24/7. Each US state has its own responsible gambling teams who are very helpful and can assist with any query you may have. There are many popular support teams, such as the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Gamblers Anonymous Trust, and the NCPG from any state.

Know the Legality of Online Casinos in the US

The legal status of online casinos varies greatly from state to state in the United States. With some states embracing online casinos and offering a wide range of exceptional casino games, sports betting options, and other gambling features, others strictly prohibit online gambling. It is highly recommended to stay up-to-date on the evolving gambling laws within each state and engage in responsible gambling practices. With the rise of online casinos in the US, there is plenty of time and space for multiple future opportunities for online casino legalization.

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