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‘They’re taking our jobs’: Indian-origin US engineer laid off, replaced by Indians in India; sparks social media outcry – Times of India



NEW DELHI: In the midst of ongoing layoffs in the tech sector, social media is abuzz with reactions of disbelief and sorrow. Recently, an Indian-origin software engineer in the United States shared a poignant video detailing how he discovered his job was being outsourced to Indian workers based in India.

The video opens with the engineer introducing himself and recounting how his entire team had been laid off. During his exit interview, he was stunned to learn that the company was replacing his team with workers in India. He pointed out that he himself is Indian, hoping this would help him retain his position.

“I told them, ‘I’m already Indian, right? Why not keep me and hire my friends instead?’ I explained that I was born in India and my family moved to the US for work,” he said, expressing his disbelief.

However, the company’s response was clear. “They told me, ‘No, you don’t understand. We’re moving these jobs to India where they can be done more cheaply.’ In that moment, I felt like every father who’s ever lamented about jobs being outsourced. I thought, ‘Damn, Indians are taking our jobs,'” he recounted in the video.

The video, captioned “Indian software engineer is laid off and replaced by… Indians,” has garnered over 3 million views on X (formerly Twitter), along with 34,000 likes and numerous comments.

One user commented, “He doesn’t get it. He’s being laid off because he’s too costly.”

Another said, “It’s always enlightening when someone with progressive views encounters tough economic truths.”

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