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Travel saving tips from the experts



Travel saving tips from the experts

(WSPA) – If inflation has you cutting back on travel, you’re not alone.  Still, the deals are out there if you know where to look and how.  So 7NEWS Here to Help took a look at some clever ways to enjoy a trip without going overboard on the cost.

The enthusiasm that Terri Elder and her family have for adventure is boundless.

“I mean it just makes you weep, it’s so beautiful,” she said, describing one of her adventures in Alaska.  

What’s equally impressive are the clever ways Elder saves on her favorite pastime.


“Hitting it right at the very very beginning before people kind of get their vacation legs under them or right at the very very end, it tends to have lower cost, and tends to be a little less crowded,” said Elder.

So she prefers to book trips in late May or early August.  


Elder says before booking on Airbnb or VRBO,  read the listings on both sites to compare the total price since those fees can vary (especially the cleaning fee).

“Many times you’re able to find the same rental on multiple sites and the pricing can look very different,” said Elder.  

Also, check the listings for clues on who manages the property.  Sometimes you can call the management company directly and get a reduced rate.


When it comes to booking flights, travel agent Paula Fulghum with Thornton-Hall Travel has some clever ways to save, like how to get around online tracking.

“Just make sure you clear your cookies if you keep looking at the same flight over and over again,” said Fulghum.  

If you don’t clear the cookies, chances are the price will go up every time you go back to look at the flights.  

And if you’re going abroad, consider buying a Virtual Private Network (VPN) router that can make the airlines “Think: you are in Europe when you book.

“So for example, if you are in France and you book a flight round trip from Greenville-Spartanburg to Paris and back, that is going to be probably 50% less than if you book it here in Greenville,” said Fulghum.

As for when to book, a study of more than 900 million airfares by found the sweet spot to find the best deal is between two-and-a-half months to three weeks out.  Anything before or after that could leave you paying top dollar.

It’s worth noting, that Greenville Spartanburg International Airport has two new low-cost carriers Avelo and Breeze.  Along with Allegiant, they offer 11 discount destinations.

Avelo: Rochester, Manchester-Boston, and New Haven

Breeze: Providence, Hartford, Tampa, Orlando, and Los Angeles

Allegiant: Fort Lauderdale, Orlando/Sanford, Tampa/St.Pete

“This is the most we’ve had at one time, so it gives a lot of competition,” said Tiffany Cherry, spokesperson for GSP.  

Just be sure to pay for airport parking ahead of time.. to save money and the headache of not finding a spot.


You might think there are no deals left for the summer, but now is actually a great way to save on last-minute cruises.  many cruise lines will offer steep discounts to fill up capacity on ships leaving soon.

Vacations To Go is one site that highlights deals cruise ships are offering that may have open spots to fill ahead of a departure that’s fast approaching.  


Elder’s passion for hiking has lead to another cost saver. She’s learned many local libraries will allow you to check out the $99 state park pass for three weeks, all for free.

“I’ve got another money-saving tip… you know the Local Hiker in Spartanburg? So they have a rental program for gear and their rental prices are crazy reasonable,” said Elder.    


Finally, the silent killer of any vacation budget is the food, especially with inflation.

Elder avoids eating out by booking places that have kitchens. And whether it’s where you’re staying or what you are doing, here one last word of advice from this frequent traveler:  

“Read those reviews!”  

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