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Valorant’s Evori Dreamwings skin bundle revealed and it’s sickeningly adorable – Dexerto



Valorant’s Evori Dreamwings skin bundle revealed and it’s sickeningly adorable – Dexerto

Jeremy Gan

Riot Games has revealed Valorant’s Evori Dreamwings skin bundle in full after leaks showed the Star Guardian-inspired cosmetics earlier than expected.

A leaked video surfaced on June 22, one showing Valorant’s devs discussing the future of Valorant skins and mentioning that the instant fan-favorite Mystbloom wasn’t going to be the game’s only pink skin.

In light of the leaked video, it was theorized that the next skin bundle would be inspired by the Star Guardian skin line from League of Legends, and it looks like those theories weren’t too far off.

Our first look into the skin bundle came on June 24 as Riot showed off Valorant’s colorful new Evori Dreamwings cosmetics.

Named the Evori Dreamwings bundle, the skin line takes clear inspiration from the Star Guardian universe of LoL skins in all its pastel glory.

In the trailer, there are four main “familiars”, or color variants; pink, lavender, green, and orange. Naturally, you’ll be able to pick your favorite. 

As for which weapons are in the skin bundle, we can see the Ghost, Spectre, Odin, and Vandal are all part of it, with the knife being a wand, of the magical variety of course.

Also revealed in the trailer are five player cards, a reactive gun buddy, and we can expect a new player title to accompany it all as well.

An early leak was first revealed on Instagram, seemingly on accident by Valorant Taiwan, and in short order, Riot decided to officially release the full trailer globally.

For now, the trailer makes no mention of how much the skin bundle costs. Based on recently released skin bundles like the Mystbloom, however, we can presume it will cost around 8,700 VP, roughly $95.

The new Valorant skin line is going live in-game on July 27, which falls just two days after Episode 9’s release.

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