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What sectors are generating the most jobs in the United States?



The United States has maintained a steady pace of growth with respect to new jobs being generated throughout the country. The health, government, entertainment and hospitality sectors are the ones that have created the most employment opportunities in the month of May, during which around 272,000 new jobs were created.

This number surpassed expectations, even in the face of modest downward adjustments to job growth of 15,000 combined for the prior two months. The robust May figures indicate that the U.S. economy is stronger than many believe.

Although the unemployment rate stood at 4% (0.3% more than the previous year), the increase in jobs was greater than the annual average, which shows that approximately 230,000 jobs were being created per month.

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The health sector, leader in growth

The Department of Labor has carried out a market analysis with respect to the latest figures. According to the data, the health sector is the most benefited by job growth: outpatient health services added 43,000 positions, hospitals 15,000 and the nursing sector 11,000.

In the government sector, new jobs totaled 43,000. The number of jobs in the areas of entertainment and hospitality registered an increase of 42,000 positions. Also worthy of note are the 32,000 new jobs that have originated in the field of science.

The government agency points out that there have now been 29 straight months at or below 4% unemployment, the longest streak in the last half century. The big issue to focus on now are the primary and secondary sectors, since markets such as mining or agriculture have shown almost no movement despite the absolute growth of the figures.

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