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Whoa! Watch Paris Jackson’s AWKWARD Interaction With Actress At Fashion Show! – Perez Hilton



If the definition of awkward had a video attachment, this new Paris Jackson clip would be IT!

Michael Jackson’s daughter attended a Desigual fashion show in Spain over the weekend, and the most jaw-dropping look of the night was by far the one on her face!

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In footage captured and shared by Vanitatis on TikTok, Paris can be seen sitting at the Barcelona fashion show in a flowy black dress. Moments later, Spanish actress Ester Expósito comes into frame and sits next to the 26-year-old, briefly shakes her hand, and then turns the other way to greet the person on the other side of her. It kiiiinda seems like Paris is taken aback by the complete lack of interest.

The clip then cuts to Ester holding onto her purse, which is gently resting on Paris’ leg, as the two seemingly make an effort to not interact at all. Ester glances at Paris once or twice, but the Wilted singer TOTALLY ices her out! See (below):


Another clip shared by Prez Magazine shows Paris staring blankly at the runway without so much as a quick glance in Ester’s direction — even when she adjusted something in between them, she still refused to look the 24-year-old actress in the eyes. See (below):

Ester looks SO uncomfortable!

WTH is going on here?! Was Paris upset that the Elite actress quickly turned her back after sitting down?? Was there off-camera beef already brewing??

Share YOUR theories in the comments down below!

[Images via MEGA/WENN]

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