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WWE Raw Results, Winners And Grades As Bron Breakker Destroys Ricochet



WWE Raw advertised Bron Breakker vs. Ilja Dragunov amid rumors of Ricochet’s plans to leave WWE. Ricochet reportedly told WWE he does not plan to renew his contract. The six-year veteran promptly lost the WWE Speed Championship to Andrade last week, and has been a trending topic on social media ever since. Ricochet appeared backstage in support of Ilja Dragunov.

Ricochet also made the save for Dragunov after an amazing match against Bron Breakker. Just as it seemed Ricochet wouldn’t be written off television just yet, Breakker destroyed Ricochet during a backstage brawl later on in the night. Only time will tell wither this is truly the last we’ve seen of Ricochet in WWE for now.

Raw also advertised Lyra Valkyria vs. Iyo Sky and Chad Gable vs. Otis.

Last week’s broadcast of WWE Raw garnered 1.679 million viewers.

WWE Results on Jun 10, 2024

  • Iyo Sky def. Lyra Valkyria
  • Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio and Dragon Lee def. The Judgment Day
  • Sami Zayn def. Otis
  • Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark def. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn
  • The Awesome Truth def. AOP | WWE World Tag Team Titles

WWE Raw Ratings

  • June 3, 2024 | 1.679 million
  • May 27, 2024 | 1.690 million
  • May 20, 2024 | 1.733 million
  • May 13, 2024 | 1.589 million
  • May 6, 2024 | 1.619 million

WWE Raw Ticket Sales

  • WWE Raw Venue: Huntington Center (Toledo, OH)
  • WWE Raw Tickets Distributed: 6,857
  • WWE Raw Tickets Available: 37

WWE Raw Winners And Grades

Drew McIntyre Opens WWE Raw

Drew McIntyre continues to troll CM Punk online, but did not make mention of his rival in this promo. Perhaps this was to throw fans off the scent in case Punk shows up in Scotland on Saturday.

Damian Priest interrupted Drew McIntyre, setting up a match between McIntyre and Finn Balor. If McIntyre wins, Judgment Day is banned from ringside at Clash at the Castle.

While AEW is struggling to book effective heels, one could argue WWE has almost too many heels. Clash at the Castle’s presumed main event will be a Heel vs. Heel match in McIntyre vs. Priest, though Drew will be the hometown hero. The winner will face Heel Gunther at SummerSlam, though if it’s Priest, he will likely be a babyface.

Drew McIntyre vs. Damian Preist Promo Grade: B-

Iyo Sky Def. Lyra Valkyria

Iyo Sky and Lyra Valkyria went back and forth through a commercial break. It was a high-flying and very technical match. Unfortunately, WWE continues its 50/50 booking after Lyra built a head of steam.

After Iyo’s win, Damage CTRL poured it on Valkyria, especially Iyo Sky who reigned down punches on her foe before Carter and Chance made the save.

Backstage, Iyo Sky screamed “Damage CTRL has to change!” Which freaked out Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane. For almost its entire run, at least one member of Damage CTRL has been injured, so maybe Iyo is right.

Iyo Sky s. Lyra Valkyria Grade: B

Braun Strowman, Rey Mysterio And Dragon Lee Vs. Judgment Day

This will forever be known as the match where Michael Cole confused Rey Mysterio with Dragon Lee. None the wiser, Pat McAfee just went along with it until Cole caught himself.

Liv Morgan hit the ring to assist Dominik Mysterio, but Dom wanted no part of it. Zelina Vega knocked Morgan off the apron, and she landed on Dominik in a suggestive position. A pull-apart brawl ensued between the two women.

Braun Strowman’s hot tag set the crowd on fire as he ran wild on the outside. This led to Lee diving on Carlito from Strowman’s shoulders in an apparent tribute to Ricochet—who is likely leaving WWE.

Strowman, Mysterio and Lee vs. Judgment Day Grade: B

Sami Zayn Vs. Otis

Michael Cole noted Chad Gable has never won a singles championship in WWE. This suggests Gable will inevitably win the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Perhaps it’ll be this weekend, or perhaps it will be if and when Gable teams up with The Creed Brothers.

Chad Gable insisted Alpha Academy was happy. Sami Zayn questioned this, and stated while Gable doesn’t give a damn that The Academy is happy, everybody in the building does.

Chad Gable cut a great promo, through gritted teeth, about his version of Otis being unleashed against Sami Zayn.

Chad Gable was loudly coaching Otis from the sideline like an obnoxious soccer dad. Otis dominated the match, but after Gable berated Otis for not listening to him, Zayn hit a Helluva Kick for the victory.

Otis once again teased attacking Chad Gable before he held back and reluctantly walked off. Fans remain highly invested in this storyline.

Sami Zayn vs. Otis Grade: B

Shayna Baszler And Zoey Stark Def. Alba Fyre And Isla Dawn

Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill showed up ringside. I guarantee you their outfits took longer to put together than the match itself.

This was basically a mauling as Shayna Baszler—who lost last night at NXT Battleground—won with a rear-naked choke on Alba Fyre. Cargill and Belair appeared impressed.

Alba Fyre and Alba Dawn vs. Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark Grade: C

Bron Breakker Def. Ilja Dragunov

Per usual, fans barked as Bron Breakker grounded and pounded Ilja Dragunov.

This turned into a back-and-forth slugfest as Raw returned from break with a wide shot, but Breakker quickly got the better of it. Breakker continued to hammer down with blows to the back of Dragunov’s head. It seemed like they were building to Ricochet throwing in the towel, though Ricochet was conspicuous by his absence.

Dragunov hit an impressive coast-to-coast, followed by a senton for a nearfall. This man must have been 20 feet in the air at the peak of this splash.

Breakker hit a “Steinerline,” but ate a knee and an H Bomb trying to go for a Spear. Dragunov couldn’t go for the cover, but fans chanted “this is awesome!”

Breakker ignored “table” chants to relentlessly attack Dragunov’s ribs. Breakker finished off Dragunov with three Spears.

Bron Breakker vs. Ilja Dragunov Grade: B+

The Awesome Truth Def. AOP

Miz was unbelievably off beat for the “What’s Up” entrance, to the point where Michael Cole openly buried him for it.

R-Truth made this match thinking him and Miz were going to face APA. Once Truth realize he agreed to a match against AOP and not APA, Truth admitted they might die tonight.

As AOP zeroed in on a possible victory, The New Day crashed the ring to distract the ref. Truth pulled an Eddie Guerrero belt trick, opening the door for Miz to win with a rollup.

The Awesome Truth vs. AOP Grade: C+

Bron Breakker Destroys Ricochet

Backstage, Bron Breakker speared Ilja Dragunov yet again. This led to a brawl between Breakker and Ricochet. Breakker got the better of Ricochet and lawn-darted Ricochet into the side of a production truck. Bron followed up with a powerslam on a car window. WWE officials called for medical. Whether or not this is the end of Ricochet in WWE remains to be seen. Following the beatdown, a tearful Samantha Irvin accompanied Ricochet to the hospital.

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