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Xbox Game Pass adds narrative horror in the North Sea today



Xbox Game Pass adds narrative horror in the North Sea today

You can get cracking with the Still Wakes The Deep achievements and we can tick another June title off our list of upcoming Game Pass games, as Xbox Game Pass adds first-person narrative horror game Still Wakes the Deep today. Still Wakes the Deep will be available for Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

Still Wakes the Deep joins Game Pass as day-one addition today

Still Wakes the Deep takes the idea of an isolated environment seriously, as not only are you stuck on an oil rig in the freezing North Sea, but there’s a storm, the lines of communication are down so no help can arrive, and there’s an “unknowable horror” on board.

Still Wakes the Deep will offer around six hours of gameplay, and to make the oil rig situation scarier still, we’ll have no weapons or special abilities either; all we can do is hide, avoid, distract, and move around as stealthily as possible.

We should hear more from the Xbox team soon about what’s on the way for Game Pass for the rest of this month, but Xbox Game Pass already has five games confirmed for July so far.

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