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Your Social Media Presence Can Help You Land (or Lose) a Job Opportunity



Your digital footprint and online activities can have a big effect on how attractive and visible you are to potential employers. How do you notify your network about your job search without sounding too desperate or needy? And if you’re currently employed, how do you walk the tightrope between subtly reaching out to your social media contacts and not setting off alarm bells with your employer? In this article, the author speaks with two experts about how to strategically manage your presence on social media when searching for a new role.

Your social media presence can make or break your job search. Tapping into your network’s connections and ideas can give you an edge, but it’s critical to be savvy and maintain professionalism. So, how do you post about your job search without appearing desperate? What’s the best way to showcase your skills to ensure your contacts think of you for opportunities? If you’re currently employed, how can you subtly signal you’re open to a new job without raising red flags at work? And if you’re a new grad just entering the working world, where do you even start?

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