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Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (17 – 23 May)



Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (17 – 23 May)

ARIES: Word from the manifestation girlies on the street is that living in ‘delulu’ is the key ingredient to getting exactly what you want right now. The full moon in Sagittarius on 23 May says dream big or go home.

TAURUS: As of next week, Jupiter leaves your home sign. Now is the time to celebrate. What wisdom have you reaped (even chaotically) over the past year? If you’re yet to put it into action, the time is now.

GEMINI: Not only is your zodiac season about to begin, but the goddess of form and beauty is about to hone in on your self-presentation. It’s a Venus-driven, pleasure-filled week, so how do you want to be catered to?

CANCER: You’re at a crossroads. Get ready to shed any old expectations keeping you from being present and embodying what you deserve. Get back to the essence of who you are. Step outside of the cage.

LEO: On 23 May the full moon in Sagittarius will place the spotlight on dating and creativity. We know how dull dates can be, so take control, get creative and jazz them up. This way you can exercise your charm.

VIRGO: Enjoy a late night or two before you have to knuckle down. Once you’ve satisfied your thirst for fun, take time to expand your profile, launch new projects and make your voice heard.

LIBRA: If there were words left unsaid last month, you might end up firing shots that could ruffle a few feathers. Just know that your feelings are valid, so don’t talk yourself out of acknowledging them.

SCORPIO: This week, your assignment is to know your worth and, if possible, flaunt it a little. Don’t listen to the small part of you that doesn’t believe that you’re in the place where you’re supposed to be.

SAGITTARIUS: Get in fighting shape so you’re ready to tackle the areas and people draining your energy. Tell your boss to pay you what they owe you in both respect and money. You’re more than an employee number.

CAPRICORN: Take stock of which aspects of your work environment are making you feel creatively fulfilled, and which parts fill you with dread. This new level of clarity can help you reposition yourself in a constructive way.

AQUARIUS: This is a week to decide and declare who makes up your real family, regardless of DNA. Honour each name, cheer them on, and do something timeless that will join you together forever.

PISCES: Sometimes the more you ask for advice, the more confusing life can be. Be sure to listen to yourself this week, even if your choice surprises those around you. Your intuition rarely misses the mark.

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