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Fitness Pointe tees up clinic to give high-tech analysis of, pointers on golf swing



Fitness Pointe tees up clinic to give high-tech analysis of, pointers on golf swing

The golf swing is a complex movement with many intricate parts — both stable and moving.

A new Golf Swing Clinic at Fitness Pointe uses advanced analytics and the expertise of a certified golf swing analyst to help golfers improve their game.

Not only am I a chiropractor with Powers Health Medical Group, I also am certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, an organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to golf swing.

The Golf Swing Clinic combines my expertise as a TPI certified analyst with biofeedback technology to evaluate a golfer’s swing and power.

Each golfer’s form is unique. The screening process at the clinic allows me to study a golfer’s swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness and health history. From that, each golfer receives a customized treatment plan to help achieve a more efficient swing to reduce the likelihood of injury.

Biofeedback technology at the Golf Swing Clinic uses 3-D body tracking hardware known as a K-VEST to digitize and track a golfer’s torso, pelvis and lead arm throughout the golf swing. This utilizes slow-motion swing analysis and multiple physical examinations that measure the golfer’s stability and mobility.

The K-VEST system uses wireless sensors and a computer to tell us details about a golfer’s swing motion that cannot be seen on video or by the naked eye. We can measure changes in the spine and pelvic posture at all points in the swing. We can look at the amount of rotation made in different body areas. We look at the sequence of motion (kinematic sequence) and explain how this, and the other data we receive, can help golfers pinpoint what to work on to improve swing.

The Golf Swing Clinic uses a custom-designed virtual golf studio and performance simulators powered by GC launch monitor technology.

Using the GCHawk™ launch monitor creates hyper-realistic gameplay that delivers rich textures, 3-D grass and foliage, enhanced lighting and more to provide for a superior simulation experience.

This simulator helps us gain details on the swing that, when combined with the K-VEST data, provide the full-spectrum of our golf swing analytics.

This full spectrum of information helps me navigate the complex world of golf-specific injuries and rehabilitation. It also helps identify any physical restrictions that limit a golfer’s potential.

Dr. Robert Watson is a chiropractor with Powers Health Medical Group. His office, at 1545 W. U.S. Hwy.30, Schererville, and the Golf Swing Clinic at Fitness Pointe, 9950 Calumet Ave., Munster, can be reached at 219-703-2447. For more information, visit

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