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The Trucking Industry Needs a Fitness Overhaul to Jumpstart a Trucking Health Revolution



The Trucking Industry Needs a Fitness Overhaul to Jumpstart a Trucking Health Revolution

July 11, 2024


With the trucking industry seeing many changes that prioritize efficiency and productivity, the health of truck drivers has increasingly peaked as a critical concern. With life expectancies for truck drivers averaging 16 years less than the general population, there is an urgent need to address health issues within the industry. Recent initiatives, like the “Trucker’s Squat Across the Country Challenge,” aim to bring fitness and health into the spotlight, encouraging drivers to adopt healthier lifestyles. As the trucking industry grapples with high turnover rates and increasing healthcare costs, finding sustainable health solutions has never been more important.

Can health and wellness programs truly impact the industry’s bottom line?

For the latest segment of “Hammer Down,” host Mike Bush is joined by Dr. Mark Manera, founder and CEO of Offshift. Dr. Manera’s innovative approach to health and wellness in the trucking industry is revolutionizing how companies support their drivers and employees. He discusses the challenges faced by truck drivers, the benefits of targeted health programs, and the tangible ROI for trucking companies on this episode.

A few key points of their discussion:

  • The health challenges faced by truck drivers, including high obesity rates and chronic illnesses.
  • The importance of personalized health plans and the role of concierge health coaches.
  • The impact of improved health on reducing healthcare costs and increasing employee retention.

Dr. Mark Manera is the founder and CEO of Offshift. With a doctorate in physical therapy, Dr. Manera transitioned from working in a PT clinic to becoming a leading advocate for health in the trucking industry. With Offshift, he partners with trucking companies to provide industry-specific health solutions. Dr. Manera has spent years developing relationships within the industry and crafting programs that address the unique needs of truck drivers, from dietary advice to fitness routines.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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